Professional Web Presence and Driving Customers to your Site … A & Q

Some answers and some questions ( A & Q ) about pro photography web presence and driving useful traffic, i.e. traffic converting to paying client types.

The answers are about my current solution sets and opinions …

The questions are to y’all for your solutions and your opinions.

Recently, I learned a bit about improving the appearance of my pro photography website, the engine for this site is currently driven by SmugMug.

When you check it out do share your thoughts by commenting here and also let us know how you all have handled the issue of your web presences?

All the site customization was done by

moi, thank you.

Nice right?

The bar keeps rising even as the wheel spins faster …

Go ya little hamsters.  GO … !!!

While I was at it, I also created and included a multimedia slide presentation of some of my photos, which you can view by going to and navigating to the “Video” page, or by clicking the embed below:

Full video, is it far behind?

Or will multimedia slide presentations of photos carry the load for a bit ??

So, lets pretend I have now a great site …

How to drive paying customers who convert to such a site?

Google, Right ??

Is it just me ?

When Google gives out the free trial bucks $$$, do they make up for it by shilling up the pay per clicks rates from the regular paying advertisers?

I recently got a $100 free credit to try them again …  Last time was a bust about 6 months back …

  1. The PPC minimum bid amounts seems to be rising and rising, perhaps by flooding free Google Bucks…??
  2. Example, was like $0.30 to get on page one, and there doesn’t seem to be a page two … Then, the amount goes up like 50% per day for a few days …
  3. Many useful key word combos will not display ads, Google says is because search volumes are low … this probably means few bidders ??
  4. And … is a way to funnel what ever bidders there are available to keywords getting bids … Thus driving up the competition and ASP ( average selling price ) per bid ??

How the rest of y’all doing with the Google Adwords ??

And how bout SEO ??

Is it even worth trying ??

We place keywords to help Google find your site, for relevant content, and they keep changing how they look for the words …

Are they are more interested in driving advert $ than in helping anyone find a particularly useful page ??

Can I get a ‘here, here?

You get a lot of SEO SPAM offers ??

I sure do …  Lots of folk, in Nigeria I think, wanna help me out with my SEO problems …  Nothing specific mind you, except its gonna cost me money to learn something that will be obsolete, probably several months ago …

So, y’all non SPAMers having luck, what are your secrets?

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