Like to be able to open an object in Camera Raw after having opened it in Photoshop CS6?

Using Photoshop CS6, and I’ll wager CS5 and earlier versions as well, it is possible to easily open an image in Camera Raw, after having opened the image in Photoshop.

Well, it’s easy if you know how.

Why would you care to do something like this with your photographs?

What if you like to use some of the excellent Camera Raw 7.0 features like changing exposure, or whites or highlights, or clarity on different layers of your photo?

Clarity for example, acts like kind of like a sharpening or HDR feature.  It is good for some parts of an image, over kill for other parts.

So if you wish to use different degrees of adjustments on different layers, how can you do this easily?

It will be nice to be able to open camara raw directly from within Photoshop CS6 of an image you are editing to try new adjustments and to create new adjustment layers, yes?

Here is how you do it easily.

First, you open the image from Photoshop.

I have done this with Photoshop CS6 Beta, it works…

  1. Open Photoshop
  2. Click File in upper left corner of window
  3. Click Open as Smart Object (6th item in drop down) – Image then opens in Camera Raw…
  4. Make any adjustments and click Ok
  5. To save this adjustment, Click Control A, Control C, Control V ( Select All, Make Copy, Paste Copy) – This makes a new layer with the current Camera Raw Settings
  6. Double click the original Smart Object Layer – Camera Raw opens again…
  7. Repeat lines 4-6 as many times as you like to have separate adjustments layers

That’s it.  It is important to open Photoshop first, then to open the image from Photoshop as a Smart Object… Other ways of opening the image have not allowed me to get back into Camera Raw with the image …

Great tool.


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