How do we deal with printing displaying and storing all our digital photographs?

Here is the thing… we can now take so many images, it is impossible to have enough wall space to mount them all, or photo albums to store them all.

Many digital images now end up on Facebook, or on professional and ametuer photo hosting sites…

My portfolio for instance is housed on a professional service and can be viewed by clicking here.

There is much of my portfolio hidden in private galleries.  These personal and professional hosting sites can also act as a backup for ones images.  The engine for this site is currently driven by SmugMug.

Full hard drives full of images are only so much fun.

In my case, I have countless photos sitting in folders somewhere in the depths of my hard drives…

Digital photography is great.  Let’s neither be too crazy and print everything, nor too lazy to follow through with printing any of our images.

Let’s put some images on the web, and save the very best and those dearest to us to create large wall sized prints on Giclee Canvas or smaller album sized prints and fun desk sized prints.

I can tell you from personal experience, you really haven’t lived till you’ve seen one of your own killer shots wall sized.

Regardless, thing is you just can’t print everything you shoot anymore… It’s just so easy to shoot a thousand plus images in a day…

Display on the web and through video slide shows.  When you do print … print selectively.

Digital is now.


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