Compositional Elements in Photography – 12 Video Demos – Depth of Field, Rule of Thirds, Golden Mean aka Phi, Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Spirals, 1:1.618, etc.

Woodward shares photo compositional theories using photo examples inlcuding:  Variations of “Rule of Thirds,” Frames within Frames, Pose Directions, Diagonals, Swishes, S Curves, Vanishing Points, etc. Sound volume is a bit low, otherwise phenomenal Video Demo on these topics.


“Rule of Thirds” no audio in this video. Kind of like a PowerPoint style. The notations help understand more clearly photographic compositions merging the use of rule of thirds, negative space and direction of pose. Short video.


Imre on Fibonacci Spirals, Rule of Thirds, Diagonals and Triangles. Mid part of video is where the compositional meat lies. Seems to use, without saying so directly, Fibonacci Spiral as a tool for seeing what is interesting in a photo, not necessarily cropping to it. Rule of Thirds and Fibonacci Spirals are shown on same photo examples.

Longish Video that demonstrates various human body and face structures where the “Golden Ratio” 1:1.1618 (approx) occur.

Great Golden Ratio video (FRENCH LANGUAGE),  yet you can still largely make out meaning through drawings and animations. Demonstrates the golden ratio also exists in shapes like Pentagons (the shape from nose to corners of mouth to base of chin from a pentagon) and presence in faces interpreted as beautiful.

Zoo Photo examples with explanation of how compositional placement, using Rule of Thirds, creates a feel of movement and context. Also demonstrates how Depth of Field Control is a compositional element.

Composition tips from Charlie Cramer, who uses a one eye closed technique with a Framing Card, which he learned from a 1977 Ansel Adams seminar to get a two dimensional (2D) feel for how much a composition wows him.

“Tilted” … Dutch Tilt, shows shots that are portrait and landscape formats, then with the camera tilted of vertical/horizontal.  Try it tilted for an interesting twist.

Composing within the composition. Framing within your camera compositional using elements in your photo to frame the main subject, ie using trees, arches, people, etc., to frame the subject.

Balance in composition, including great example of 50/50 balance (major elements split right down the middle of the frame) can work, suggesting experiment with different balances of composition.

Leading Lines, Balance, Simplicity (Isolation of Subject) and Rule of Thirds Compositions. No Sound.


Golden Mean Video relates Golden Mean, Phi, Golden Ratio, Leonardo Fibonacci Sequence to the ratio of 1.618 to 1, Spirals and uses in composition.

As these videos demonstrate, compositional rules, guides and opinions have a broad range.

Thank you.



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