12 Glamour Photo Lighting Demonstration Video Tutorials

Starts with Beauty Dish, adds reflectors and hair lights and shows effects of adding each.


Two Light High Key Demo for Blonde Glamour Model, Main Light is Large 74″ Elinchrom Octabox with a second light to light a seamless white background. 8 Second intro.


Glamour Shoot of Blonde Model using only a Ring Flash by DynaLite, shot against Red Seamless Paper. 9 Second Intro.

Using Two Soft Boxes, how moving the lights from far sides gradually toward center narrows the face.

Two Light, One soft light high, one reflector or light low for portraiture. Lots of discussion. Example at end uses soft box, while discussion uses diffused beauty dish. Explains this works for all types/genders of models, except those with double chins, only one example of the result. A touch slow but interesting.

4 shoot through umbrellas using speed lights in high key set up with glass like reflector on floor in front of and directly under model. Really burns the backdrop to blow out dirt on the backdrop. Fabulous results. 10 second intro.

Single Westcott Strobe with Grid and Barn Doors shooting dark-haired model in red dress against seamless white backdrop.

Single Strip Light illumination using Elinchrom 13 inch by 69 inch source. The 13″ x 69″ strip provides a soft narrow light source. Shooting blonde haired blue eyed model in black and white and color against black backdrop. 13 second intro.

Single gridded strobe on Asian Model, head and shoulder implieds, with gridded strip light on background. 30 second intro, then after about 2:30 into the video, turns into an advert. Slow but interesting 2 mins in the middle there.

Home made card board gobo with cut outs to create a lighting pattern kind of like Venetian blinds along with a warm colored gel. Kind of slow, and sound quality could be better. Cool to see what can be done with lighting using available material modifiers.  Results are amazing.

Multiple Fresnel equipped 200 watt hot incandescent lights, a 500 watt incandescent and various film cameras to shoot a classic Hollywood look.  Model has the Dita Von Teese look and results are fantastic. Sound quality low with slowish pace.

Setup for lighting a bright streak across models eyes and letting rest of frame fade out.  Uses two large gridded 3′ x 4′ gridded Westcott soft boxes in rear quarter to separate model and to give a soft texture to her brunette hair.   Card board gobo to keep light from spilling into camera.  Behind model facing camera is gridded spot which  is redirected towards model’s eyes using a hand mirror with gray tape creating a strip reflector.

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