black shoe string, multi media, yellow lipstick, yellow eye shaddow, shoe laces, face makeup, glue on makeup, Makeup Freddy Lopez Mixed Media

Multi Media Makeup by Freddy Lopez of Santa Rosa, California

black shoe string, multi media, yellow lipstick, yellow eye shaddow, shoe laces, face makeup, glue on makeup, Makeup Freddy Lopez Mixed MediaFreddy’s multimedia makeup is an immediate visual grab fest.  Soon as I saw a sample of his black shoe string laces over the eyes makeup, I was after him to share with us something about his makeup creations.

Mr. Lopez was first interested in makeup because he wanted to find a reason why women and men use cosmetics … makes sense, right?

“It also seemed like a lot of fun and something that I would enjoy doing.

I went into MAC COSMETICS one day and found some really neat colors and tools.

 There was so much variety and different combinations of colors that you could use to either emphasize a facial feature or recede a facial feature.

Starting to experiment on friends and family and occasionally my self as well, I found that you could execute different looks and different moods with makeup.”

Pinup Makeup Red Lips and Red Stripes, blonde, striped blouse, champagne, glamour hair styling, bright red lipstickFreddy has now have been working with MAC Cosmetics for over five years.

Multi Media Face Makeup, jimmies, rainbow colors, asian, model, girl, female, freddy lopezHis work has been published in MAC’s seasonal update book, which is a book that lists all makeup collections coming out for the season.

“I also travel with MAC Cosmetics throughout the bay area and provide support in major retail events and facilitate makeup classes throughout the bay area.

It is my goal to be a trainer within MAC and be able to attend events nationally like Paris Fashion Week.”

Freddy became enthralled with the idea of creating an illusion or a fantasy with makeup.

“I try and observe the mood and style of the setting and style of the models facial features to tie my makeup art into the particular environment we are shooting in or trying to capture.

Graphic Art Face Makeup Multimedia with bling and flowers, goregous makeup, freddy lopezTying in aspects of the shoot or choosing a specific tone that would blend in with the concept.

The way I choose the tones/look usually “comes to me” when I’m working on the model or when I have thought about the environment in the photo …

… almost taking like a 6th sense kind of approach.

At other times I may also focus on how much someone’s face can handle.

Full Face Makeup, face paint, MAC Makeup, MAC, red eye shaddow, white face, asian fusion, makeup, woman seated, red shoes, white skirt, model, fashionSome facial features can handle more makeup than others and when you overdo the makeup you can take away from the person and lose them in the makeup.

I like to make sure that when I’m doing makeup on someone, that they are in balance with the makeup in order to create a beautiful harmonious balance between the subject and the medium.”

Freddy began with retail work and then pursued freelance work.

“That is where i began to work with photographers for trade shots.

After building my portfolio and acquiring more knowledge about freelancing, I began to do weddings.

I focused on this for a while and am constantly booked for weddings throughout the seasons.

At the moment, I have been pursuing film, runway, and editorial makeup jobs.  

I have worked on independent films where I have been able to put to use my special fx makeup skills.

bridal style makeup, bridal makeup, freddy lopez, mac, makeup, bride, engagementFor one of the films I had to make a 26 year actress look like she was 60+ years old using latex and contouring techniques to create and old age effect.

This type of makeup was a little more specific about what had to be done. 

For example, making sure you follow age lines and accentuate them appropriately.”

You may have seen Freddy’s work where he recently participated backstage as a makeup artist for the Academy of Art Spring Fashion Show of 2011.

“This high-profile event has been talked about in The New York Times, 7×7 Magazine, and only high-profile models where a part of this event.

It was such a great honor to be a part of this makeup team as it consisted of my MAC Cosmetics mentors and one other fellow MAC employee.

My inspiration usually comes from my surroundings and also images that I research.

Colors in nature and animals, buildings, people, … almost anything can trigger inspiration or i can find the beauty in almost anything.

Bright Pink Lip Makeup, asian, light pink, lip stick, straight brown hair, model, black dress, MAC, Freddy Lopez, stylistI like referencing abstract art and art that has disproportioned figures and find that using images that are not proportioned makes me want to make them proportionate and challenges me to do so.

With beauty makeup, you want to create a symmetrical proportionate face; and,  I feel like this helps me and trains me to find a good balance in models/subjects.

Every detail comes into play and is as important as the next … from selecting the right hue of brown or the right hue of red, the texture of skin/eyes/lips, balancing the skins PH ( dry,oily,dehydrated ).

Knowing what to withhold and when to stop is all part of the makeup process.

The medium I use currently is all from MAC Cosmetics.

They offer a variety of products from basic shadow to body paint like “Acrylic Paints” that are meant for cosmetic use.

The brushes are superb and I can create different textures and even create airbrushing effects with just the use of brushes.

I enjoying creating images where the makeup can be a bit more creative and the end result is almost like fantasy or different world.

MAC, Face Makeup, Emerald Green, Iridescent, green, forehead, makeup mask, jewelry, gem, pendent, on head, head shotOne of my favorite quotes is by makeup artist Pat McGrath;

“You do need to see the inspiration that fires you up and makes you dream of something else. You gotta escape every once in a while.”

Makeup has offered me many artistic outlets and work opportunities.

I continue to be on the search for more work and to spread my idea of a beautiful aesthetic into the world.”

To see more of Freddy’s work, click here.

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