How To Apply Makeup for Glamour Photography – 12 Video Tutorials For Men and Women

12 great how to video tutorials, on Glamour Photography Makeup for Men and Women.

High quality video, how to create a glamourous green smokey look on the eyes.

Several Before and After Makeup shots demonstrate how anyone with great makeup may look glamourous and sexy. Check it out.

Quality demonstration of how to apply artsy cool purple leopard spot makeup to eye lids.

50’s Glamour Hollywood style makeup and hair instructional.

Airbrush makeup quickly demonstrating variety of ways airbrush makeup may be used throughout body to contour, conceal, blush, highlight, as a foundation, stencil eyebrows, etc.

Photographic Makeup steps demonstrated from cleansing and moisturizing though to the final glossing.

Contouring and Highlighting to bring dimension to the face, hows and whys.

Sexy Dita Von Teese Look Makeup Tutorial

Makeup for Men Quick tips from Moisturize to Gloss.

The following videos may only be viewed on youtube and may contain 3o second or so commercial intros, they are still useful.

Makeup for Men Rock Star Look Tutorial.

Makeup for Men Eye Brow Trimming.

Makeup for Men Eye Brow Grooming.

Makeup for Men Foundation Application.

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