Complete Makeover Styling followed by Glamour Portrait Session – Before and After Images

Before and after Complete Makeover

We have written before about how a properly executed glamour makeover is part and parcel to the beauty we see around us every day in magazines, movies and on the streets,  click here for 9 more examples.

As one more well known example, Mel Gibson in “BraveHeart” in blue face makeup riding his horse dashingly is the same man who was photographed during an evening drunk by the local constabulary.

One of these men is an icon, the other a bum.  They are both him, and he is us.

Given some training, and some professional styling application, lights, camera and action, we may all be glamorous.

What it does take is taking the initial step of learning from and working with those of us who know how it’s done.

As professional glamour photographers, some of us have made the connections with fellow styling professional and are able to offer complete make over services as was provided in this case to this very pleased couple.

The edited shot on right included a new wardrobe, arranged by working with a personal shopper, new hair do, and air brush on makeup.

Camera was a Nikon D7000 with a  Nikon 17-55mm F2.8G DX ED AF-S lens.  Exposure was 1/250 sec @ ISO 100 and f7.1 and was lit using four studio flash units.

To view the after image larger, visit the makeover galleries on

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