Passion Of The Christ, by, Thomas Dodd, Crown of Thorns, Ménage à trois, Menage a trois, Menage a 3, Two Women Loving One Man, Two Women, Kissing, Man

Thomas Dodd, Painterly Style Photographer & Digital Artist, Turning Today into Yesterday, via Camera & Computer, One Image at a time

Passion Of The Christ, by, Thomas Dodd, Crown of Thorns, Ménage à trois, Menage a trois, Menage a 3, Two Women Loving One Man,  Two Women, Kissing, Man
Passion Of The Christ

Thomas Dodd is an Atlanta-based photographer/digital artist and photoshop wizard whose work blurs the line between photography and classical art.

On viewing Thomas’ photos, we are transported into the realm of dreams of yesteryear, made of course today as we are looking indeed into the mirror world of photographs.

These photographs are of a quality and detail which in yesteryear could not yet have existed … and yet, here in Thomas’ works, our today is made into yesterday …

Artemis, Red Hair, Red Flowing Hair, Woman with Bow, Painterly Style, textured Photo

It’s a rather fabulously fun kind of visual nostalgia experience.

Many of these photos may be viewed larger by clicking on the photo images.

For those wishing to see a bit more what the camera sees before the computer fully transforms, ‘Before and After‘ provides a visual peek behind the curtains into our Mr. Dodd’s magic.

If seeing is believing, believe what you will and enjoy.

While it wasn’t exactly his first dance with a camera, in 2005 Thomas jumped in and began his career as a visual artist.

Before that, he was best known as the harpist for the musical group Trio Nocturna.

Trio Nocturna was a 1990s band that put out three albums and enjoyed some cult success in Gothic underground music scenes.

Thomas feels the images he creates

“Are a direct continuation of the music I composed with my band.

Mythological themes and their relation to emotions and psychological states continue to be my primary subjects and motivations.”

Venus Revisited, Thomas Dodd, painterly style photograph, head shot, wavy hair
Venus Revisited

Thomas has had several solo shows in the Atlanta area and has also been part of many group exhibitions around the United States.

Nude, Woman, Flying, Through Cloudy Blue Skies, Umbrella, Painterly Style, cherub
Carried Away

In the 6 short years since starting in photography, he has grown in stature to the point where he now his two galleries representing him in Paris and is also putting shows together for Norway and Germany.

Staying true to his musical roots, Thomas’ is doing quite a bit of work for diverse arrays of clients, including with musicians in the Atlanta area, designing numerous album covers, book jackets and the like.

“When I first began taking photographs, there wasn’t even such a thing as the home computer let alone Digital Art.

My father was an avid photography enthusiast.

From him, I learned the basics of the craft;  composition, lighting, and most importantly, how to capture a good portrait.

Call Of The Wild, by Thomas Dodd, nude woman walking, painterly style photography
Call of The Wild

But, I left Photography behind in my late teens when I became a musician.

For two decades I was a working musician playing in bands, touring and putting out albums.

It wasn’t until the advent of the internet and home recording becoming available on the computer that I became aware of, and intrigued by, photo-editing programs like Photoshop.

Editing other people’s pictures on the net got me back into photography again.

I bought a Nikon DSLR shortly thereafter and haven’t looked back since!

I am not too much of a gear head though – I tend to be
more obsessive about post work than I am about getting it right in

Currently, I use a Nikon D200 body and several different
Tamron lenses, my workhorse being the SP AF 60mm f/2 Di II Macro 1:1.

I realize that I have a very identifiable style.

Like a lot of the people I’ve admired and learned from, it’s very textural and layer based.

I’m obsessed with textures.

In fact, I guess that would be the thing I am most recognized for by a lot of other artists.

Between Two Worlds, painterly style, woman reclining, mirrored pool
Between Two Worlds

I can use as many as 20 different texture layers in one piece.

I just love creating these kind of tactile surfaces;  and, I pay a LOT of attention to how the texture layers interact.

Also, I am influenced way more by painters than I am by photographers.

This has a huge impact on my work looking the way that it does.

Lighting-wise, I use a homemade ringflash;  because, I do not
want shadows on my models.  This way I can have the light source placed anywhere
in the final image and not have to worry about improper or misdirected shadows
on the subjects (or I have a clean slate to draw shadows on them if need be).

I prefer to shoot in studio on white seamless.   Then I
have the option to change backgrounds later;  but, I will occasionally shoot
outdoors, if the weather is nice and the theme of the shoot seems to fit that
treatment …

The few photographers I am influenced by are the ones who have a ‘painterly style‘.

Behind The Veil, by Thomas Dodd, painterly style photography, head shot
Behind The Veil

I believe strongly in the power of symbols and allegories.

When I see a cup in a piece of art,

I don’t just see the object,

I see it as a receptacle …

And, depending on how it’s presented,

Before And After, by, Thomas Dodd, full photo manipulation, photoshop, painterly style photomanipulation
Before And After

… it may represent the divine feminine principle,

… or, perhaps even the Holy Grail.

So, I definitely use this kind of mythic thought process in my art.

It is a language that we all instinctively know

And, one which I consciously invoke when I create.

However, sometimes I find that it is only after a piece is finished that I realize exactly what I was trying to depict.

Athena, Wild Flowing Red Hair, painterly style photomanipulation

Even with the amount of staging and planning that I use for my creations, I still discover these little ‘happy accidents‘ of symbolism and synchronicity along the way…

Flying nude woman, long flowing hair, painterly style photo manipulation, photo surreal art nude
Astral Body

Through promoting my work, I have become a passionate advocate for Digital Art and Photo-Manipulation.

It is up to us as pioneers in a new field of art to educate our audience and fellow artists about our work.

This is why I am constantly mentioning how I photograph all of the elements of my pieces, as well as stressing the importance of influences and intentions on our creations.

It is my desire and intent that this genre grows and is taken seriously in the Art World.

Thankfully – I am seeing that happen more and more each day!”

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Images © Thomas Dodd

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