Two Girls Kissing

Rein Brugman, Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

Rein Brugman is a self-taught photographer whose works are exhibited at several Dutch photo art galleries.

Nude, Stairs, Mustard, Metal, AntwerpTwo Girls Kissing










In previous years he has won several prizes and nominations including those from Kodak Professional Portrait Awards and “Playboy“.

Two Women HuggingBlindfold, Nude, Blonde, Boudoir




Originally born in Amsterdam, Rein has worked for years as a freelance photographer in Eindhoven.


Characterising his images is a preference to use analogous photography with the use of cross-processing.

Window Lit NudeAnalogous colors are located next to one another on the color wheel.  Used
together, analogous colors produce very little contrast.

One Eye Visible, Blond, Blue eyes, Hair over one eye, High KeyCross-Processing is a practice originally developed using the wrong processing chemicals to develop film.  This had the effect of altering the colors and contrasts, in somewhat unpredictable ways.

green latex mini skirtDigital cross-processing is possible using Photoshop CS5 and other editing software.  The effects are often characterized by unnatural colors and high contrast.

Retro Model, Sepia, Head Shot, high fashionThe following video demonstrates Cross-Processing in PS CS5 through modification of independent color channels in a curves adjustment layer.

Self Pleasuring, Nude, Reclining

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Photos © Rein Brugman.

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