Having taken photos… how and where to display, distribute, store, sell and or print them?

Where to house our portfolios?  How to handle printing?  How to provide ease of access to our clients and friends of our photographs?

These are questions all photographers must grapple and come to terms with.

As with most electronic technology, the world of digital photography is undergoing rapid evolutions.

My shooting is strictly digital these days.

While shooting predominantly photography, I plan to branch into videos fairly soon.  Any acceptable solution therefore necessarily must work reliably for digital media, including photographic images and video clips, and must do so reliably for some years to come.

Image & Video Management, Display & Distribution Criteria: 

  • Photo file sizes are large and growing to 10 Megabytes and beyond per picture, video clips are even larger
  • Numbers of shots taken keep growing, often surpassing  hundreds or even thousands of shots per session or day
  • Secure and ever more Vast Data Storage is necessary
  • Distribution of so much information must be manageable and provide a user-friendly experience
  • Quality Prints must be easy and affordable to order, track and manage
  • Customers, friends and potential clients must be readily able to view their photos and our work
  • Solution Must be time efficient

When I started shooting strictly digital, a few years back, all the clients requested, required  or expected CDs.  For me, burning a CD was and is a time-consuming and frustrating process.

Today, when I do a shoot, as soon as I decide which shots will be published or shared, I highlight or select these shots on my PC in one “window”, click my mouse on this group and move them by dragging to an upload gallery “window” at Yucelphoto.com.

While I am off to other things, the photos upload automatically in background mode through a high-speed internet connection.

Have you visited Yucelphoto.com?

Yucelphoto.com is the URL (web address) for my professional glamour photography website.  It is a hosted site using a SmugMug Pro Account as the platform and my business URL for access.

Much of my public work is currently housed there.

A huge amount of my private work is also hosted there in private galleries,  most of which are configured to be private and/or invisible.

Some of these private galleries are additionally password protected.

Only those people with the cryptic links and passwords may view or access these private galleries.

What is my work flow for photos from a shoot?

  1. Upload photos to my PC from camera memory card
  2. Right after selecting keeper photos, convert to JPG and upload JPGs in bulk to appropriate galleries at Yucelphoto.com
  3. Share private gallery link by email with those who need to view or work with the photos
  4. Clients order prints directly from the galleries or the galleries may be set to read only
  5. Downloads may be made from the galleries (for free, fee, or may be set to read only)
  6. Retouched photos are uploaded as available

Clients inquiring about CDs are gently redirected to gallery links where the photos are housed and readily available.  They then may conveniently share the links and photos with all friends of their choosing.

This works pretty well for anyone with internet connections.  Through this system, anyone in the world may have access to their photos on-line, at the clients discretion.

Unlike a CD, a simple email can resend the link required for access to the galleries of photos.

Are you a weekend photo warrior with a cell phone?  A semi pro or full-time photo pro?

Service levels are available from those appropriate for casual photos and videos taken using cell phones through to professionals running busy photography businesses and requiring secure off site backup of all files.

All  levels of service include Unlimited amounts of Data Storage.

However, only JPGs are stored without pretty steep storage fee charges.  So, you cannot use TIF or PSD or NEF file storage on SmugMug.

Still, you can keep shooting and your galleries can keep growing and growing in one convenient easily accessible location.

At any time, friends, family or clients can access the images and memories for generations to come via internet connections from anywhere in the world.

It doesn’t get much sweeter than this.

Thought I would like it too.

SmugMug‘s shortcomings are a difficult to use user interface.  Changing pricing must be done on a gallery by gallery basis.  This can take painfully long.  That is, you cannot just set up say three different price structures and apply them, in blanket form, to all your galleries/images.

Also, if the pricing from the print vendor changes, and you had your pricing set to double the price. guess what, the price is the dollar amount you set it for the first time…

And, its one URL to a customer, even though you may like to separate your photography by genre into different domains, SmugMug charges the current $150 per year per account.

This is a simple fix they could provide pros and yet do not.  Even if it were a wee bit more for additional URLs for the same photographer…

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