Stripes, Striped leggings, striped blouse, striped demi-sleeves, striped socks, batting cage, baseball dug out, The Cage, Greg Papazian

Greg Papazian, Sherman Oaks, California based photographer of music bands and women

Stripes, Striped leggings, striped blouse, striped demi-sleeves, striped socks, batting cage, baseball dug out, The Cage, Greg Papazian
The Cage

‘The Cage’ first drew me into Greg Papazian’s work like a moth to a flame.

What crazy wonderful lines and angles everywhere.

It turns out, Greg was shooting as a professional photographer of rock bands from early in the 70’s.

No wonder he is such a talent.

The move from shooting only music to also shooting models was, in Greg’s case, very recent.

Lucky models, and lucky are we who are lovers of beautiful women in beautiful settings.

Another world, under a pacific peer, Sea Grotto, implied nude, ocean, ocean pilings, muscles on pilings, red bottoms, wet woman, sea, peer, waterDid I mention how cool are the settings Greg uses for context in most of his images of women?

Greg has some really cool locations which pepper his images with flavor and spice.

“I began as a professional photographer in 1971 while still in high school and things happened quickly.

I went from photographing in the audience, to getting on everyone’s press list and became highly published in various rock magazines around the world.

Mojave Desert, Sepia Nude, fine art nude photo, Greg PapazianMy connections to The Sunset Strip continue to this day.

The Sidewinder, Implied nude, crawling on beach, fine art nude photoUntil 1976, I was actively photographing, with a return in 1983 for a year
to cover some of the 80’s bands.

Jump forward to 2008, that’s when I decided to present my collection of vintage rock images in a gallery show.

The show was a huge success and it became a permanent exhibition at my
gallery space in Sherman Oaks, California.

After the launching of the gallery show, I decided that I would like to explore the world of digital photography and capture new images.

Nude woman, in masonry stone fire pit, circular fire pit, fine art nudeKnowing I had to expand my work beyond just music images, I wanted to work with models and make my own creations.

That was when I discovered Model Mayhem.

My images became very successful on ModelMayhem and many models began contacting me to work with them.

I consider my music work to be professional, since it generates much of my income.

The model work is still what I consider in the experimental stage.

Most of my work is music and that is paid, … and my model work is mostly

paid as well.”

How does one go from TF to paid?

“By building a strong portfolio and networking with the right people.

At this time, I market mostly to galleries.

Much of my key work has not been displayed because I am waiting for the right venue.

In regards to my music work, they find me for print publication.

Also, bands hire me to cover their publicity and tour photos.”

red fuzzy jacket, woman with arms raised, blonde, standing under light in alley, standing against red brick wall, jeans, blouse, head turned up into the lightHow do you find such great locations?

“Scouting, lots of scouting and understanding the best time of day …”

To see more from Greg click here.

Images © Greg Papazian




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