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Gracefully Wicked’s Broken Doll Photo – Creative Process & Concept Shot in Camera

Broken Doll, concept, white skin, Mannequin, Woman, Doll, Pink Haired, Makeup, creepy, Shot in Camera, Gracefully WickedRegular winner of MM’s POTD (ModelMayhem’s Picture of the Day) Awards, Tiffany Carter is Gracefully Wicked.

Tiffany’s work first appeared here on pages March, 2011, click to view feature.

Today, our Gracefully Wicked woman shares her technique and creative process for her vision of ‘The Broken Doll‘.

“The ‘Broken Doll‘ concept is something that I had seen done by others;  but, nothing really ever matched my imagination for what I have thought the right mixture of childhood innocence and dark creepiness should be.

It took months;  but, once the plan came together, my team pulled it off beautifully.

Rachel Garrison, a model I have worked with before, was in town for the summer.

She fit my concept perfectly.

Not only is she a gorgeous model, she really poses wonderfully and has such a great and slightly twisted sense of humor.

I knew there could be no other for this shot.

To get the perfect look, I tapped Amber Lynne for the makeup.  She does such meticulous work, and has much experience with the pale look that I needed.

Even with her amazing skills, it took 4 hours to get everything just right.  Once the makeup was done, it was breath-taking.

During the time the makeup was going on, I had my husband help me with the set.

He managed to mount the baby bed rails around a twin mattress in the middle of our studio.  Always complicit in my schemes, he usually manages to build props that bring my imagination to life.

With set complete, I used dolls and toys from my daughters’ and my own childhoods to give that authentic sweetness of well-loved childhood memories, as well as a slight creepiness that only the vacant stare of a porcelain doll can bring.

As everyone had done such a wonderful job, the shoot itself was over very quickly.

From the very first click, the images were coming out so wonderfully.  Having make-up, model, set and lighting come together so well is one of the benefits of months of careful planning.

With so much having fallen in place in camera, post processing was fairly minimal.

I used some skin smoothing techniques along with some brightening and saturation throughout the image just to give the image more of a ‘pop.’

Before the day was out, beautiful images were ready for printing and posting.”

Lovely, yes?

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Image © Gracefully Wicked


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