Pale, Nude Dancer, Blonde, Platinum Blonde, Leaping, Timo Le Fronque, High Key, Pale Skinned

Figure Studies and Fashion from Hamburg Photographer Timo Frank

Pale, Nude Dancer, Blonde, Platinum Blonde, Leaping, Timo Le Fronque, High Key, Pale SkinnedHamburg photographer Timo Frank, aka Timo Le Fronque, with this image of a pale skinned dancer, crouched yet leaping, provides us a study in nude whitish tones, which draws viewers in as effectively as bare white light bulbs draw in moths.

For Timo, it all started with graffiti in 1993.

“I sprayed characters so I had to think about plasticity (depth effect), light & shadows.

 After a while, I started to paint in oils and acrylics.”

Around 2007, Timo felt he was unable to create all the fine structures and shadings he required without a sample, so …

Wide Wide Strap White Bra“I started to use photos as a master.

Color Figure StudyBut, I didn´t want to use the photos of strangers – yeah, thats how I started photography!

I love to work in a fictional way.  It´s a fine line between futuristic photodesign and commercial retouch sold as reality.

Today I´m working in Hamburg, Germany.

I´m still at the beginning and not yet a fulltime photographer.

Nude Ecstasy, Figure StudyAt this time I shoot in studio and would like to shoot more in locations.

In addition to pure photography, I do retouch, teach photoshop and film.

In the near future, I look forward to working on bigger sets around the world.

Towards this end, this winter I plan to contact photo-representatives to check the market.

Choice of camera is not important for me.   I don´t want to promote any label.

And I also don´t want to talk about single pictures in a technical way.

Blind Folded Female Ecstasy, nipple ring, nude satin sheetsTo me, it´s more about the vibe, not about the technique.”

To see more from Timo, click here.

Images © Timo Frank


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