Woman, Cigarette, Running Mascara, Mascara Tears, Seated, Blue Jeans, Smoke, Blonde, Sepia, Black White, Joe Castleberry

Fashion and Beauty Photography by BorderLineProductions – Chicago, IL

Woman, Cigarette, Running Mascara, Mascara Tears, Seated, Blue Jeans, Smoke, Blonde, Sepia, Black White, Joe  CastleberryAbout 6 years ago Joe decided that it was time for a change in his life and is now photographing Beauty and Fashion as BorderLineProductions.

His photographs of women are stylised by his characteristic touch of shooting mostly in softish, predominantly natural lighting.

“I noticed everyone around me working jobs just to make money, coming home everyday unhappy with it, and during this time, I was too.

I thought about what I wanted to do with my life and remember thinking to myself

‘What are the things I like to do for fun?

… and how can I make money doing them ?’

One of these choices was photography.

White Hair Makeup, White Haired Woman, Hair Slicked Back, High Fashion Female, Wide Dark Blue Collar, Wide Blue Lapel, Dark Blue Eyes, Head Shot, Strong, Expression, White Painted Eyebrows, Full Lips, Female, Having wanting to create stories through imagery, stories that inspire, and promote deep thought,

I then made the choice to do high fashion and beauty shots.

Blonde, Curly, Wavy, Perm,  Hair, Rust, Coppery, Pleated, Dress, High Key, Hair LightIn addition to fashion, I have also shot products, events, and just for the fun of it sometimes go out and snap a few shots of whatever I see that grabs my attention.

I have been shooting as a professional for about 5 years now.

I currently use Canon brand digital equipment for most of my work.

My main arsenal consists of a Canon 1D Mark II series digital camera , Canon 24-70mm 2.8L series Lens, and a Canon EX mountable flash.

This equipment is used both for studio work, and for location shoots.

Two Brunettes, Two Women, Red Wall, Biege Fishnet Stockings, Semi transparent White Pleated Blouse,  Glasses, FashionI own other studio equipment, like monolights, reflectors etc. but rarely use them.

Brunette, Field, Short Straight Hair, Bracelet, Bangles, Gold, leopard print, open sides, Maroon Dress, Yellow SkyI am mostly working with models, and over the years decided that the 3 pieces of equipment I listed above gave me the results closet to my visions.

My lens, the 24-70mm 2.8L is amazing.   I am in love with its versatility and quality.

It’s really hard to find a zoom lens that is sharp wide-angle, and telephoto at its widest apeture (2.8).

The Canon 1D Mark IV cameras are my number one upgrade choice ‘Best bang for the buck.’

Sure I wouldn’t mind an upgrade to the Hasselblad H4D-31;  but, magazine sized prints are nailed perfectly with any of the 1D series camera bodies.

Short Straight Brunette Hair, Blonde Streaks,Blonde Streaked,  Blonde Strands, Loose Striped Blouse, Black and White Horizontal Stripes, pretty butchWhen designing a shoot, I come up with a one sentence story – Something I relate too, for example:  something I’ve seen, maybe something in my past, and go from there.

Generally, I make a lot of choices on the fly, on the day of the shoot.

Blonde, Against Rock Wall, Woman, short straight hair, white long sleeve, form fitting, dress, black trim, black collar, black cuffs, Black Hem, rock wall, black lace cuffs, black lace collar, black lace hemmingI feel it forces a lot more creativity out of me when I do it in this way.

The lighting I use is 95% natural available light.

If there’s not enough light to shoot at the camera setting I choose to use, I will then power up my trusty EX mountable flash to light the environment around me so much that it lights my subject, thus creating the environmental lighting effect I want.

Low light situations are always tough, and it’s the main reason I use the camera I have.

If you going to shoot low light, then your going to want a camera that has the ability to generate a beautiful grain that does not look digital or invasive to your work, my Canon 1D excels here.

Generally, I use Adobe Photoshop for all my color editing and touch-up.

When I shoot and edit images, every choice I make includes the thought ‘how will this look printed?’

implied nude, bust up, brunette, hair in bun, hair tight back, natural look, unretouched look, freckles, freckled skin, auburn hair, head shot,I notice a lot of photographers concerned with an images looks on a computer.   I used to do that;  since, the computer was where my portfolio was mostly viewed.

You have to think ahead.

Blonde, seated, chair,  wearing, white flower print, very short skirt, hands or arm rests, open collarUltimately I want to become one of the greatest editorial fashion photographers in the world, in which case all my images will be printed … So, I might as well get a head start practicing now.

I try to stay very sharp in my profession.

Always, I am studying new technologies and researching new ways to funnel natural light.

If I am not shooting or editing, I am reading.

If I had to give any single piece of advice to another photographer, I’d say this,

Dont be scared to try new things.  My best training tools were the mistakes I made‘.”


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Images © BorderLineProductions


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