David Naman Q&A with this photographer of women in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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David Naman, of Vancouver, has a mind blowingly large body of work showcasing image after amazing image, celebrating women’s beauty, nude and otherwise.

Today, David has been kind enough to share a bit of Q&A about his photography with us.

Interestingly enough, he got his start in photography,

“by taking pictures of my better half with a point and shoot.

Friends said I had a great eye and I should purse this photography thing.

My better half put me in a beginner digital camera course.

I had found my passion!”

Shooting nudes began when,

“A girl friend of ours saw the pictures and was willing to be the first.

It took us a couple of bottles of wine but they turned out great.

Soon after I had others asking for some images too.”

At first, the challenges to shooting nudes were

“making sure who ever I was shooting felt comfortable; because, I preferred to shoot all shapes and sizes; and, many people feel uncomfortable in their bodies.”

What does David love about photographing women?

“Some of the most beautiful things this great world gave us was women.  They are sensual, curvy, and they all love to look beautiful.”

Canon is David’s gear of choice:

“I use Canon equipment.

I have stuck with it since I started with a point and shoot.

I don’t think there is too much difference between some of the high end names.

It is like Mercedes compared to BMW….  Just personal choice.”

Q: Do you use any gear more than others, like favorite lenses, camera bodies, lights, light modifiers, etc?

“I recently purchased the 70 – 200mm 2.8L  and have really enjoyed using it.

Lighting has been the same for me .

I have been using Bowens 250WS since I started.  They are an older model but they do the trick.”

What do you feel is most important, gear, vision, skill, etc.?

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“Having good equipment makes a huge difference in capturing detail: but, without vision you might as well just have a point and shoot.

Without skill, you will have to rely on the auto settings on the camera.

This can really affect the creativity of shutter and aperture and of course the control you have in raw.”

How did the idea come about for one or two of the photos you sent me, and how did the shoot progress?

“I sent you a before and after. I wanted to demonstrate this, because I did a trade show and a woman approached me, lifted her shirt and said `Can you get rid of this ?!!`

Before and After, Stretch Mark Removal, Photoshop, Photo Retouch, stomach stretch marks, stomach stretch mark retouch, stomach smooting, retouching

Stretch Mark Removal, Before and After Retouch

She had a lot of stretch marks.

She never wanted her picture taken because of these.

I told her that I could remove it and make it look natural.

Stretch mark removal, retouching, photoshopShe left my booth with a great big smile .

I have another picture of a beautiful girl with a hat. This girl walked into my studio with no confidence and walked out a strong confident woman !”

What are your feelings about post processing?

“When I started shooting, I didn’t know anything about post processing.

I just relied on my lighting and photography skills.

This was appreciated a lot through many comments I had received; but, there was something missing.

I came to learn some of the top photographers had all their work post processed by photoshop wizards. .

Well, I wanted to learn this myself, knowing this would make me a more complete photographer, having control over my images start to finish.

Proper editing can make an image really come alive.

Post Processing has opened a door and can expand the creative, for whom ever uses it.”

What do you say to people who have a different view of post processing?

“These are just more tools by your side.

We can all mess up a photo; and, now we have the chance to fix it and enhance it.”

What are your favorite post processing tools?

“I would say curves and healing brush are most used.”

What are a couple of your go to post processing techniques?

“When I first start playing around in photoshop, I was fascinated with Gaussian blur.

It was an interesting treatment.

When I really got to know photoshop I had stopped using it and started really using the sharpening tools.”

What helped you to break into the pro area of photography?

“I would say I am a semi – pro.

I think a pro works for large magazines, product companies, etc.

I am not there yet, but I am excited to get there.”

How do you decide what to charge for a professional photo session?

“I looked at other rates around town.

I had a retired model say I should charge much more for my skills;  but, I didn’t think that would help me get anymore work in these tough times.”

top hat, implied nude, gloveWhat would you tell someone who wanted to go from amateur photographer to professional photographer of women today?

“Respect them!

It will show in your work and they will appreciate you!

I think most women have a fantasy about how they would like to photographed.

Pass ideas onto them;  and then,  see what ideas they are drawn too.

 … It can be conservative to wild.

If you don’t do this, you will be a generic photographer.

Challenge yourself and it will take you to another level !!”

Thank you David!

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All images © David Naman.

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