Equestrian 03 © Igor Amelkovich, nude female, woman, gymnastic horse, ankles tied, bondage, sicle, sythe, naked breasts, muscular, female, black and white, mask, potato sack,

Black and White Art Nude Figure Studies by Photographer Igor Amelkovich – Chelyabinsk, Russia

Russian photographer Igor Amelkovich likes to photograph nudes of self-assured women subjects who are comfortable in sharing their beauty.

Podium Play © Igor Amelkovich, black and white, implied nude, buttocks, legs, kneeling, head down, ass up,naked, woman, girl, female, russian
Podium Play © Igor Amelkovich

With two artistic interests: landscape photography and the nude, Igor feels “a woman is nature’s concentrated form of beauty.”

His textures and tones and sense of line and composition combine to create captivating beautiful black and white nudes.

He achieves technically superb results using relatively simple gear through delicately controlled passion and close attention to certain details.

A recently self-taught photographer living in the southern Ural mountains of Russia,  Igor has succeeded in winning numberous regional and international awards.

His work are published in many magazines, including “Playboy” and “GQ” (Germany), “BIZ” (Turkey), “Medved” and “Mouline Rouge” Russia, “Photo-Art” (Czech Republic) and “People Magazine Australia” (Australia).

With an engineer’s love for precision – having studied radio engineering at South Ural State University – Igor takes anachronistically stunning photographs of confident beautiful nude women figure models using only  the highest quality medium format black and white film and cameras.

These beautiful images have won numerous international and regional awards, starting in 1999 with a Chelyabinsk Woman’s Beauty Category Award Photo of the year.

Secret Cover © Igor Amelkovich, nude, art, kneeling, cushion, seat, breast, nipple, black and white, mask, potato sack, beautiful, legs
Secret Cover © Igor Amelkovich

Igor says of  himself, “I didn’t held camera in my hands before….”  Yikes!

New Simbol 03 © Igor Amelkovich, Hammer and Sickle, Scupture, large metal, sky, clouds, nude, naked, black and white, russia, russian symbol, symbol, female, wavy hair, kneeling
New Simbol 03 © Igor Amelkovich

Since 1999, photography became Igor’s main focus.  Makes sense …

Perhaps this proves there is hope for the rest of us?

Erotic Pose 08 © Igor Amelkovich, black and white, art nude, pubic hair, brunette, hair in face, hand cuffs, on toes, squatting, standing, full frontal, nudity, artistic, breasts, nipples, belly
Erotic Pose 08 © Igor Amelkovich

Everyone asks Igor how he achieves his results, and he shares.

Enamored with square formats, he is drawn to the superior quality of black and white film.

Stringing Leg © Igor Amelkovich, Black and White, nude, artistic, leg in air, kneeling, head stand, blonde, pubic hair, naked,
Stringing Leg © Igor Amelkovich

Using medium format (6cm x 6cm), Igor puts on film what is already in his mind’s eye.

While sometimes he uses a Nikon D70 for some of his commercial work, … 100% of his fine art nudes are taken using a Hasselblad 503CW and two Carl Zeiss lenses, the Planar 80/2.8 and Sonnar 150/4

Isn’t it interesting, when just yesterday we write about the migration toward small sensor digital SLRs (click here to read) we find someone achieving today smashing results using medium format film…

One may naturally wonder, can just anyone do this?

Body Improvement 07 © Igor Amelkovich, black and white, full frontal nudity, naked, nude, artistic, nude, female, russian, shaving, knife, shaved, shaving cream, pussy, vagina, lips, breasts, nipples, frontal, nudity, face, abdomen
Body Improvement 07 © Igor Amelkovich

Medium format is a totally different photography style.

A session might use from 1-5 rolls of medium format film only.  Each shot, manually film advanced by hand…

“Is another psychology and film technology, thus this format is for patient and thoughtful people. I saw a great deal of disappointed people who took a medium-format camera after the one of 35 mm for to improve the quality of photographs.”

Female Games 06 © Igor Amelkovich, Black and White, Two Women, Bondage, Erotic, Naked Nude, Blonde, Legs tied in air, spread eagle, hands on pussy, kneeling over woman, woman, women, russian, girls, females, artistic, glamour, fetish, rope, tied ankles
Female Games 06 © Igor Amelkovich

In studio, Igor uses no filters.  Outside, he will often use a red filter to darken skies and emphasize clouds for a more dramatic effect.

For close-ups to capture some body details, an additional close-up lens element may be used with his Planar.

Pyramidal Spot © Igor Amelkovich, Black and White, Figure Study, nude, woman, girl, russian, naked, full frontal nudity, vagina, pussy, lips, high healed shoes, spiked heals, strappy, wavy long hair, angular, geometric, shapes,art nude, erotic
Pyramidal Spot © Igor Amelkovich

Only one 1 meter (about 39 inches) square soft box light source is used during shooting for most of his erotic B&W nudes in studio.  Silver and white reflectors are often used.

His studio walls are painted dark blue and provide an outline, edge and good contrast for his nudes.   A simple cloth painted in a washing machine or a rough cast wall may be his backdrops.

Equestrian 03 © Igor Amelkovich, nude female, woman, gymnastic horse, ankles tied, bondage, sicle, sythe, naked breasts, muscular, female, black and white, mask, potato sack,
Equestrian 03 © Igor Amelkovich

For industrial nudes, the awkward locations require many light sources and flash types:

“soft-box as the main light, standard 9-inch reflector – as an edge light, translucent umbrella as fill light, and illumination of back drop and some additional lights as local illumination.”

“Translucent umbrella is very good for background light, because some light passes through it and some light reflects back.

The umbrella gives light to both sides! It can be used as an edge light and illumination of back drop at the same time.”

Who knew?

Passion to Dive © Igor Amelkovich, black and white, b&w, outdoor, nude, naked, bent over, kneeling, head down, ass up, head in water, clouds, sea, lake, ocean, beach, kneeling on sand, erotic, ass, buttocks, pussy, from behind, feet, legs, erotic, naked, nude, woman, girl, russian
Passion to Dive © Igor Amelkovich

“Unexceptionally the edge light is more intense than the main one 1/2 – 1 1/2 f-stop, and I put the main light somewhere between f/8-f/16.”

“Using flash head outdoors gives a magnificent effect. This makes the picture to be unreal, and nude seems to be depicted on the picture.”

While he will  shoot fine-art-nudes in color, especially in beautiful places to convey the  natural colors. Igor feels:

“Black and white are the only colors necessary for fine-art nude and erotic photography.

Every observer will look at the photo and paint it by his own colors according to his mood… It is very laconic!”

He uses Nikon 8000ED scanner for the last stage of film-to-paper delivery.

Bed Exorcist 13 © Igor Amelkovich, woman, tied to bed, matress, blind fold, naked, nude, black and white, hammer, spike, spread eagle, bondage, bdsm, erotic
Bed Exorcist 13 © Igor Amelkovich

Post processing in computer is limited to remove dust and scratches only.

Of display, Igor says “Only paper prints give you all the energy of a living body.”

Exciting Ballet 12 © Igor Amelkovich, Ballet Shoes, Toe Shoes, Nude, Naked, Erotic, Blonde, Hair in bun, Figure Study, vaginal lips, vagina, profile view, kneeling, hands on ground, black and white
Exciting Ballet 12 © Igor Amelkovich

Thank you Igor!

Images © Igor Amelkovich.

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