Ballet Dancer's Feet, Dirt Floor, Dancer standing next to ballet shoes, toes in sand, Black and White

Ballet Dance Fine Art Photography by Italian Photographer Claudio Ciani

Claudio Ciani is a 40 years old photographer following his passion for art nude photography of dancers in his home town of La Spezia, in Liguria, Italy.

While he loves to shoot in color, today we are looking at a sampling of his excellent black and whites.

Ballet Dancer's Feet, Dirt Floor, Dancer standing next to ballet shoes, toes in sand, Black and White

“First of all, I look for the perfect location …

When I find it, I invite the dancer for the shooting.

In real life I am a nurse;  but, my passion for photography has led me to buy the my digital SLR when my daughter Elena was born, 3 ½ years ago.

Ballet dancer, nude from waist up, chiffon, toe shoes, graceful, fine art ballet nude photographI began photographing the nude art and soon changed target devoting more time to photograph the ballet, set in unusual and evocative locations.

Almost all the greatest photographers of ballet produce images in black and white;  but for me the world is in color also!

Nude Ballet Dancer Leaping, in abandoned factory, split leg leap, leaping in air nudeI love the colors and strong contrasts in my images and always try to achieve a little painterly effect … almost a comic strip.

Generally, I use a single flash through a white umbrella, which is the key light for the model, while the camera, which is always on the tripod, is set with aperture and shutter speed to underexpose a little the location.

Ballet Dancer nude, nude in abandoned factory, leaning nude against wall, open trench coat nude, fine art black and white nude photograph of dancerMy equipment is currently a Canon 40D with Sigma 24-70mm f2.8 and triggers made in China (they are very cheap and work decently).

In Italy it is not too hard to find abandoned places suited to this kind of images, I am preferring to take … Usually, I do not even need my assistant to watch out if the police come…

The assistant, a friend of mine, helps me to move the flash when needed and helps the dancer with several costume changes…

To get my photographs, usually I do not say to the dancer to dance;  but, I tell her to try a step or a jump, until I understand what is the right time to take the photo.

Ballet dancers feet, feet curved gracefully, ballet dancer seated, black and white dancer art photoFor post-production, I like the saturated colors and sharp contrasts.

So I start processing the image as an HDR and then work with Photoshop to get the desired effect.

For black and white pictures, I follow the same process of a color photo and then convert it into black and white.

I never imagined I could be famous because of my photographs; but, I confess that I’d love to try to dedicate myself exclusively to photography at a professional level.”

Thank you Claudio, we look to see more from you in times to come.

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Images © Claudio Ciani


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