All Women are Beautiful – Before and After Make Over

As styling and photographic specialists, it is part of our gift and privilege to brighten the shine of and capture with images the beauty innate in all women.  We generally accomplish this one woman at a time.  It is very rewarding indeed to see these ladies glow brightly for the camera and brighter still as they see how gorgeously they are photographing during our sessions.

An abundance of high quality professionally created images in today’s media has resulted in a very high bar for beauty self expectations among many women.

All women are beautiful.   Yet many women are able to realise their best feelings regarding their wondrously good looks only through the aid of some professional glamour photo therapy of their own.

Today’s profusion of professional media images have set and are the defacto standards of photographic beauty in women’s minds.

Look below for example at the pictures of beautiful women, before and after make overs.  Notice how each woman is an individual study in glamorous beauty.   Clearly, these are all gorgeous women.   After the confidence boost of a glamour treatment, every woman is a stunner.

Make Over Glamour Photos Beautiful Women
Make Over Glamour Shots of 9 Beautiful Women

Have they had some glamour photo therapy or what?

Here is the text that accompanied the photo:

This photo below was taken at a competition in June involving 9 women for best makeover.
They had every possible beauty treatment available to them over a period of 12 hours before the contest.
Look at the before and after photos.  Conclusion – there are no ugly women only poor women.
The woman 2nd from the left won the contest.

Our calling through our craft as glamour photography professionals is to help all women, smart enough and courageous enough to engage our services, to realise how gorgeous they really are.

Only 30 years ago, very few women really knew about makeup.  Today many women know about makeup and walk around, when they choose to, looking quite gorgeous thanks to this knowledge.

Likewise with photography, just a few years back, what used to only be available in Hollywood and New York to super models and super stars is today affordable and available for most women in all big cities.

Skilled photographic professionals, in each major city, are able to provide a reasonably priced confidence and image boosting glamour photo therapy session to women of all ilks and ages.  All it takes is the spark to go out and find a photographic professional whose images one loves and in whom one has the confidence of character.

Services from glamour photography to complete makeovers and training in wardrobe, makeup and self styling are available as a gift to yourself or for your loved one… or perhaps your employee or coworker.

All you beautiful women, get over here and pose!

To inquire further and arrange your personal glamour photo therapy session, or a partial to complete makeover in greater Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona, see my glamour portraits and connect with me here.

See also a 2012 complete makeover in Phoenix by here:  Complete Makeover Styling followed by Glamour Portrait Session – Before and After Images | Glamour Photography . CO.

Comments, thoughts and opinions most welcome.

5 thoughts on “All Women are Beautiful – Before and After Make Over”

  1. The lies we tell ourselves, our children, our friends, our neighbors and our customers and our trusting patients. To believe the lies and to live out the lies. The payoff is survival economically, emotionally, socially, spiritually, sexually, financially, and psychologically. Please don’t abandon me, plese don’t reject me, please love me, please chose me, please accept me, plese forgive me, please feed me. Please permit my DNA to continue. Please lie to me. I just want you to stay long enough to pay for the children. Please don’t ask me to be rational, logical, or responsible for the consequences of my choices. I just want to have fun… where is an apple to give to my husband? I don’t want to compete with him, I just want to be the center of attention. My low self-esteem drives me to distraction, on auto-pilot sucking the energy from others like a vampire, with a painted ‘made-up’ face. At 13-years old the unspoken rule was, sex-appeal of blondes can demand on the ‘fair’ market value a higher paying man, bigger car, bigger house, better food and clothes and travel. What is your price? ‘Men are like busses, the next one will come sniffing around, so I only date wealthy providers…Mom never taught me the skills to actually do a healthy partnership after the wedding’. ‘Marriage has been a good business for me…I am a good house keeper…I have been married ten times and I kept all ten houses.’

  2. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can’t believe the makeovers…….God Bless you Stacey and Clinton and of course TLC…..Myself being an ugly duckling and never the type to wear makeup and know the latest styles am amazed…..of course you do not include ladies like me….There is no hope for us, LOL…….If I was made up all I would be is just different…..not prettier….Just different.! What can you do for ladies like me….The most I have EVER been considered is just “Cute” NEVER “Pretty” and I accept that….I look at it as I am saving a whole lot of money….I can go to the $20 hairdresser, shop at discount stores and just fade in the back drop. Part of me like’s that I do NOT look high maintenance and no one expects that of me.
    Luv ya and the show….Keep it up!

    1. Hi Karen,

      Do not under rate the inner beauty of cute.

      A make over helps bring the inner cute to the outside, that along with some photo therapy and there goes another stunner.

      This applys to us all to one degree or another. Even dudes… Mel Gibson looks a lot better in blue face in Braveheart than in his perp walk photos.

      See you around cutie


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