Photo Manipulation Mermaid, Moon Light

Fantasy Photo Manipulations by Purple Princess Edits of London, Cambridge and Saint Neots, England

Rachael of Purple Princess Edits has been retouching and creating fantasy manipulations for the relatively short period of time of approximately two years.

“However, I have been using Photoshop for 5 years on a daily basis for other projects.

My original training was at university as a video editor;  and, this is where I gathered most of my skills.

These skills are what I believe enabled me to pick up Photoshop so quickly.

Photo Manipulation Mermaid, Moon Light
Mermaid - Photographer Grant Sims. Very challenging Fantasy manipulation to undertake as photographer had very specific instructions. Required about 5 variations of changes before arriving at this completed product.

I currently only use Photoshop CS4 to create my work, … and a mouse.   This surprises many people.”

Rachel intends investing in a tablet, when funds permit.

“Once I get a tablet, I expect to expand my skill set further and to obtain better precision and detail to my work.

I don’t currently refer to myself as a pro.

However, I believe I am more than an amateur;  and, I take every job I’m assigned to do very seriously.

To me this means that I conduct myself with professionalism;  and, I’m always available for the client.

My current rates:

    • $20-$25 for Fantasy Manipulations
    • $12 for a Pre Made Series
    • $5-$10 for Beauty Retouch
Full Photo Manipulation, Woman in Red Dress, Woman on a Swing, Fantasy photo manipulation
Swinging at Sunset - Photographer Steve Shames' Fantasy manipulation is currently my most popular piece. The model was shot in a studio sitting on a chair. I created the fantasy world behind her. Although very simplistic, it has been very effective and well received.

I love learning new skills, which generally happens every day from simply practicing.

I do try new stuff on occasions.  However, I always end up coming back to the same style ….

My style is one I prefer and at which, I believe,  my work excels.

Many artists have expressed that I should do more realistic work;  but, I personally feel I prefer fantasy.

I love the imagination.

In a fantasy world there are no limits, no boundaries … anything can be created.

Photo Manipulation, before and after, woman in a field
In the Field with the butterfly's, before and after - This is a self portrait taken using a self-timer in my living room at midnight when I felt creative. This was my first ever manipulation and even though I see where I could greatly improve it if I were to re-do it, it remains one of my all time favorites.

My feeling is, to become a retouching artist you must have great patience and be able to work with a wide range of people.

This is much more difficult than it sounds.

I wish to be able to continue artistic retouching as my full-time job for the years to come;  however, I know I need to grow as an artist.   This will take time.

I also know that my skill level needs to drastically improve to give me a chance at fulfilling this ambition.

My only trick and advice to other fantasy artists out there is to be creative and have fun!!

If you’re not enjoying your work then you’re doing something wrong!

IMHO, the imagination and creativity required for digital art should be a fun experience, every time.”

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2 thoughts on “Fantasy Photo Manipulations by Purple Princess Edits of London, Cambridge and Saint Neots, England”

  1. I would be very interested in utilizing your services on an ongoing basis. Could you create a fantasy sample, for me, of one of my images? I am a Professional Photographer and would like to see what you can create with one of my images as a test. if you are as good as you state, I would be very interested in using you for all my images that would be in need of a fantasy-type creation. Let me know. Thank you.

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