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Before and After Examples of Glamour Shots by Professional Photo Retoucher, Marie-Claude Sabourin of MCS Touchup

At 22 years old, Marie-Claude Sabourin is a model turned professional retoucher and Photoshop Wizard who resides in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

Photo Retouch, Glamour, Woman, Wild ColorsAs part of her professional capacity in retouching, she is proud owner of MCS Photo Touch Up.

Those of us on MM (ModelMayhem) have been treated to views of her work, published under the MCS Photo Touch Up umbrella, fairly regularly.

Before and after, retouch, photo retouch, head shot, change color, change hue, change lipstick color, change makeup colorRecently, she won a POTD contest (Picture of the Day) on MM with a retouch job she did on one of Barry Druxman’s photos.

For a profile of Barry’s work available on, click here.

Asked what she charges for her work, she shared her wholesale pricing by saying it …

“Depends on the amount of work, and time it takes me to finish the edit…

    • Basic $10.00-$15.00
    • Full $20.00-$30.00
    • Manipulation $40.00-$100.00

 Manipulation is fantasy, like my avatar!

Full is changing the background etc..

And basic just retouching the image itself.”

Not bad, eh?

Before and after, retouch, photo retouch, glamour, glamour retouch, high fashion, high fashion retouch, bust up, shotSo, how does she really feel about Post Processing?

“I just wanted to say that retouching has been the best thing that has happened to me!

Digital Art has created opportunities, opened up a lot of doors, and has allowed me to grow as a person.

Most importantly, it has allowed me to meet many amazing people and artists, many of whom today are my friends.

The reason I started retouching is:  while modeling I noticed a couple of artists online who would take images and transform them.

It was then that my eyes really opened to this huge field of artistic techniques and digital transformations!

It’s been a total of a little over 2 years now that I have been retouching and I’m still enjoying every minute of it!

Before and After, Retouch, change hair color, glamour retouch, head shot retouch, photoshopWhen retouching images, it’s important for me to keep the integrity of the original image.

My work is very natural and subtle.

That’s my way to have respect for the original work.

I can provide big changes on a photo also …like change of background and addition of effects.

retouch, glamour retouch, head shot retouch, retouched face, head shot, red head retouchI am a huge perfectionist who thrives by giving every client who sends me their images, an improved and more professional image in return.

An interest in Digital Painting has also caught my attention.

I now practice whenever I have spare time by painting some personal pieces.

This allows me to practice and develop my talent in Digital Painting … and to maybe one day offer paid services for my clients wishing to purchase Digital Portraits.”

Marie-Claude started her work with Photoshop by doing free work on Facebook.

“Slowly but surely, I made my way up and started learning better and better how to retouch more and more.

Before and After, Retouch, Removing object from backgroundBy reading lots of online tutorials and retouching for hours by myself everyday, I started to develop my own techniques, and put together ways to retouch images that works and looks the way I feel is natural, clean and beautiful.

At first, all my retouching was done with a computer mouse.

When I purchased my first Digital Tablet , my whole world changed!

You know what they say, ‘You go pen… you never go back!’

The Digital Tablet & Pen have completed me as an artist, and made my work more precise and enjoyable in the doing.

This only a beginning for me!

I am an artist who is completely self-taught, ambitious and full of love for all forms of art.

Everyday, I am SO thankful to get to LIVE doing what I adore, breath to do…

… I would not change it for ANYTHING in this universe!

Full Retouch, Photo Retouch, Barry Druxman,If you are looking to hire someone who is passionate, a hard worker, patient and precise, then look no further!”

For more Marie-Claude’s via MCS Photo Touch-Up, click here.

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