Young Red Head, Blue Eyes, Implied Nude, Seated on Table, Tristin Huntamer

Tristin Huntamer, Red Headed Model from Colorado Springs, Colorado with Eyes which change color

Tristin Huntamer is a very pretty 25-year-old red-headed nude model residing in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Young Red Head, Blue Eyes, Implied Nude, Seated on Table, Tristin HuntamerHer eyes change color, I think … They seem a lovely bright light blue in many photos, gray in others, and then perhaps with a greenish cast in yet others.  Given the right lighting, they even seem dark.

Implied Nude, Busty Red Head's backIn any event, her sensual eyes grab attention, gazing at you in brilliant color contrast with her very red hair.

Not quite in afterthought, there is for one to enjoy her lovely 34D-25-36 5′ 7″ form.   When photographed skillfully, this form is itself a foundation of soft captivating womanly curves.

We see in her black and whites an elegance and power which prove she is very much more than only about red hair.

Whether in head shots or full figure, color or black and white, Tristin is lovely to behold.
Today she shares with us a bit about herself and her modeling career.  Enjoy…

“I met a photographer who was friends with an ex-boyfriend when I was living in Italy in late 2005.

I did a shoot with him.  Then he referred me to other photographers to work with to build my portfolio.

Slick Hair, Gray Green Eyes, Burgandy Scarf, Implied Nude, Bust up shot, cracked gray plaster backgroundWhen I first began modeling I had other jobs, and modeling wasn’t a priority for me.

So I didn’t initially look for modeling work.

I had been modeling part-time since 2005;  and, in 2006 I was diagnosed with Brain Stem Glioma.

After a couple years, it made it difficult to have a typical 9-5 job, due to doctors visits and fatigue.

So I started focusing on modeling full-time after 2008, so that I could work around my health issues.

Black and White Bokeh portrait, pretty girlI had a Model Mayhem account and was lucky that there were photographers pursuing my look.   So, the opportunities came to me.

Today, I tend to get work through websites like Model Mayhem and Tumblr.

But, the most reliable way I get work is through word of mouth.

Red Blue Shaved, Nude, Compass TattooI’ve learned that photographers, makeup artists, and so on talk.  Making a good impression is most important to get more work and get referred to different projects.

I started really getting into modeling when I realized I could be someone else for a day.

Modeling is acting.

The real me is a goofball nerd who is more focused on the Austrian school of economics, political philosophy, ancient history, and my fiancé than I am with beauty, makeup and glamour;  but, I get to be that glamorous girl for shoots; and, I love it.

Before a shoot I discuss with the photographer what we both want to get out of the shoot.

No matter if I am paid or it is a trade shoot, I want to help produce a fantastic image.

I look at the photographer’s portfolio to determine what their style is, then I try to find what I can bring to the table that can take it up a notch.

To get ready for a shoot, I shower, exfoliate, lather on lotion, blow out my hair and add curls.

If there won’t be a makeup artist on the set, I do my own makeup.

Red Head, Blue Green Eyes, dangly necklaceI get makeup inspiration from YouTube tutorials from a makeup artist called pixi2woo A.K.A. Tanya Burr;  because, I get in a bit of a makeup rut;  and, her videos really help me get creative.

I organize my wardrobe into outfits, so it’s manageable on set.

Then I look through images like the ones I am hoping to create for the day.

I stand in front of a mirror and practice poses and expressions and perfect them for the shoot.”

What are some of your go to or must have beauty makeup products and why?

I gotta have my false lashes, bobby pins, and a large assortment of lip colors because your look can change so easily with these items.

My black pencil eyeliner from Rimmel, because I love having very dramatic eyes;  and, this pencil smudges well and stays in place.

Bare Minerals Clear Radiance adds a great shimmer that helps hide imperfections of the skin and gives a healthy glow.

Fit Me foundation from Maybelline has great adjustable coverage and even though it has SPF it still photographs well.

Herbal Essence Body Envy is great for giving my hair volume and texture.

95% of my work is paid now.  The photographers that I do TF with are spectacular;  and, I know without a doubt that I will benefit from their images and learn from their expertise.”

Video of Tristin from T. Rogers on Vimeo during a nude photo shoot.

How did you go from TF to paid?

“It was years of work building my portfolio.

The most important thing I learned was what makes a good image and what makes an exceptional image and aiming for the exceptional.

After I built my portfolio, I realized I deserved and could get paid work.”

What you think about while shooting?

“I go into my own little world while shooting.

Because of the genres I pose for, I need a sensual look on my face;  and, if you are trying to look sexy it doesn’t work, you end up with Facebook duck face.

Spread Legs, Erotic Nude, black and white, seated against wallSo instead of thinking what I should do with my face or body, I think of my fiancé.

I think about love and what I’d do if he was there and we were in the situation that I am trying to create.

I pretend my fiancé is there;  and, that I am trying to convince him to tear my clothes off with just a look.

There are times that I am not trying to look sensual, but instead fun and playful;  and, in those situations I just start dancing around till I’m in a spirited mood.

I guess what I am saying is that:   I have to actually feel what I am portraying in the image to make it great.

The most important thing when posing is that no matter how awkward the pose, it has to look like I am comfortable while doing it.

Nothing looks worse than contorting my body into a pretzel and having a strained face…

Busty Nude, with playing cards, on bed, hotel roomI recommend at least a little familiarity with yoga and performance dance for anyone trying more dynamic poses.

In Yoga and dance you learn how to breathe and relax into the motion.

I spend a lot of time posing in front of a mirror trying to figure out what looks good and gaining muscle memory to be able to flow into those poses during a shoot.”

What advise have you for aspiring models and photographers to be or to work with a model?

Learn communication!

Many a shoot has been ruined because a model didn’t know there wouldn’t be a makeup artist on set, or what type of wardrobe was needed.

Conveying how the shoot will go and the look you are trying to achieve in a professional and polite manner is the ticket to success.

Also, both aspiring models and photographers need to figure out what makes a great image, so that they can create better and better work.

Find the genre you want to work in;  and, study the most successful photographers and models in that genre.

When I started modeling, I believed that you had to have agency stats to be successful and intern an agency.

Busty Red Head Torso, Muted Saturation, Implied NudeI’m 5’7.5” with big boobs, agencies aren’t jumping at that when they make their money from fashion models.

I networked and learned that a model can be successful as a freelance model, if she is savvy enough and knows her genre.

For more from Tristin, click here.

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