Free Breeze, Model on Killer Whale, planet moon in background, clouds, ocean sea, pinup

The posing dance: Does the model pose or the photographer direct?

There are many interplays in photographing glamour models.  The interplay between model and props, makeup colors and backgrounds, camera and lights, and so on.

Then there is the interplay between the model posing on her own and the photographer directing the poses of the model.

An experienced model has a ready repertoire of poses.  This, as you might imagine, is a very very good thing and a required skill for professional models.

Free Breeze, Model on Killer Whale, planet moon in background, clouds, ocean sea, pinup
Free Breeze ... Shot the same day, of a model I was actively directing

In my work with models, I had the opportunity to work with a model who would give one good pose after another.  Every time the shutter went click, she shifted her pose in like a second to another good pose.

Each pose was very good and very different.

She was really mixing them up.

She held her hands well.  Had good expression, extension of limbs and arrangement of hands.

Her myriad poses were a lullaby of magic.

Click, and she rearranged herself into another harmonious and amazingly different pose.

And so I was lulled ….

Having taken hundreds of shots, as I reviewed them and I was astonished to see that while many of the shots were good, the great shots were missing.

While this model had great control of her side of the camera, she was not seeing what I was seeing.

So mesmerized was I by having a model who could throw so many good poses my way, I did not slow her down by directing her into the perfection of any single pose.

Click click click, I went … like I was star struck.

She was a most amazing model.

This was a pin-up shootout of several models.

My best shots of the day were not of her.

Rather, they were of models whom I was actively directing.

I failed this model.

She was capable of so much more … if I had just shared with her what I was seeing on my side of the camera.

If I had just directed her into small corrections.

While it was her job to bring poses to the process, and she did so elegantly, it was my job to direct her into the perfection of what the camera sees.

Working together, we could have taken her hundreds of good poses into a few great poses.

I try to do better now …

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One thought on “The posing dance: Does the model pose or the photographer direct?”

  1. I feel the same way sometimes. We all see it upon review, and I’m glad you realized it. You owe it to yourself and the model to stay focused and above it all.

    But.. we are human…

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