Sha-Lynee, Black and White, editorial, Couch, Art Nude, Phillip Ritchie, composite

Sha-Lynne, 27 year old model from Las Vegas, Nevada

Sha-Lynne’s odd brand of creativity has served her well as a model. She went through most of her life searching for a creative outlet and finally found it almost 2 years ago.

Sha-Lynne, Two women, black and white, Art Nude, Window Lit, Wood Floor
Shot by cx image also featuring the model Zoya Pepel. It was fun to watch cx’s process. He is like a whirlwind of creativity.

I find her dance like poses captivating in their expression and form and having been long after her to share herself here with us, am beside myself with delight for today’s Sha-Lynne exposee.

Sha uses past experience to aid her in her craft.  Having done everything from acting and gymnastics to karate and dance, she had a lot of background from which to draw when she became an art nude model.

Sha-Lynee, Black and White, editorial, Couch, Art Nude, Phillip Ritchie, composite
Composite shot by Phillip Ritchie during my last trip to Los Angeles. The night before I was abducted by two friends that were both adamant that their sushi restaurant was *the* best. I ended up having a two dinners and cheesecake! The moral of this story: don’t stay with crazy people! Just kidding!!

Due to her history, Sha has been able to provide unique poses while emoting.

Implied Nude, Dancer, Black and White, Sha-Lynne
Shot by magicc imagery in Maryland. It was a really laidback shoot so I was able to experiment with fun poses. He was even able to capture my formerly elusive smile!

As a tomboy, Sha first found glamour and fashion awkward.

As she grew in the industry, so did her femininity.

Though she still prefers jeans and a t-shirt in her daily life, she now feels just as comfortable in a dress and high-heels.  These have added new “upscale” fashion elements to her images.

Always on the search for something new, Sha welcomes a challenge.

Self-portrait, Sha-Lynne, Head Shot
Self-portrait taken after a workshop using one of the lights in the hotel room.

In the quest for the perfect shot, she has climbed bridges and mountains.  Her scariest moment actually comes from an abandoned grain factory.

She says that the way up was fairly easy …

TH Taylor
Taken by TH Taylor. A true jack-of-all-trades, he is responsible for the hair and make-up as well.

“… but, with missing steps on the rickety stairway, the way down was less than safe.”

Still, she finds it all worth it when she achieves that one-of-a-kind image.

Natural Light Nude
Natural light shot taken by Tito Trelles-MADE IN NY. The choker was provided by fellow model Luna Vary.
Keeling, Nude, Sha-Lynne
Last minute shoot with KEELING on my way from Chicago to St. Louis. He is a master of lighting and I feel like I learned a lot from him.

A natural goofball, shoots with Sha-Lynne are always interesting.  Whether in front of the camera or behind it, she loves the give and take of creative energy between model and photographer.

Her favorite shoots are with a laidback counterpart.

While prepping for the shoot, Sha tries to get a feel for the photographer’s vision.

Sha rarely plans her poses ahead and prefers to go with the flow based on the feedback that the photographer gives her.

This way each shoot is unique.  She is always experimenting and trying to take her creativity to the next level.

Sha-Lynne Nude
From my first shoot with Awesometographer. I may be biased, but I would say that he lived up to his name!

Sha’s quirks come through quite visibly in her work.

Sha-Lynne, Thigh High, Black, Boots
By the talented swhnyc. The wardrobe was designed by Barksdale. She had dropped it off earlier and we had some interesting fun figuring out how it was supposed to lay. I love how Damon hairmeister did my hair. This was the first time that I ever had finger waves and they seem to suit me.

She prefers odd angles and obscure composition.

Her view is that the weirder a concept is, the more interesting.  She especially likes images with that tell a story.

As an extrovert, Sha loves traveling and meeting new people and feels she owes so much to people who have helped her on her journey.

Having been to a majority of the United States, she feels incredibly lucky to have been able to meet the people she has.

From having lived in the same house all of her life, living out of a suitcase took some getting used to.

Now traveling is one of her favorite things to do.  She even moved clear across the country from NY to NV to follow her heart.

She says that if it weren’t for her experiences in modeling, she may not have had the huevos.

While modeling is not as big of a part of her life as it used to be, Sha still does her fair share of shoots while completing college believing that:

“Nothing compares to the rush of seeing a vision become reality.”

Bust up implied nude, red head, curly hair, sha-lynne
Image by AmbientEye from my second trip to Maryland. The hair and make-up are by KSL. KSL was a last minute addition to our team when the previous stylist had to cancel and we are very grateful that he was able to fit the shoot into his schedule.

This entices her to continue modeling for as long as she can.  Yay!

By peripheralvision near San Jose. I had been in San Francisco for a lot of this trip and ended up being ill for a lot of it due to the drastic temperature change. I still had a lot of fun shooting. I loved the concept and it was interesting trying to pose with the material.


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Photography © Photographers et al.

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Fashion composite Sha-lynne
Series by Anthony Gaines and was really a team effort. The hair was by Xzabko I Scott. The mua that was supposed to come had to cancel. Luckily the hair stylist was able to bring Vanessa, a coworker from his salon, to help out. It was actually shot in my living room, so I had to edit out some odds and ends. I retouched this version myself.


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