Tommy Edwards, Seattle, Pink hair, dog ears, black bustier, Black Ballet Boots, Challenging Gaze

New York Fetish Model Victoria Von Helkine

Tommy Edwards, Seattle, Pink hair, dog ears, black bustier, Black Ballet Boots, Challenging Gaze
Photo by Tommy Edwards

Victoria Von Helkine is only 5′ 5″ tall, weights 110 pounds and is very shapely.

There is nothing, beyond shear size, diminutive about this New York fetish model dynamo.

With 32B-23-34 measurements and sporting a zero dress size frame,  a career in high fashion modeling seems improbable, to say the least.

For the fetish genre, her frame, hazel eyed brazen gaze and full head of very long brown hair are rather more prefect.

Eric Kroll, Victoria Von Helkine, San Francisco, Girdle, Garter, Black Hose, Extreme Black Platform Shoes, Standing on Desk, Fetish, Naughty Secretary
Photo by Eric Kroll

Victoria has already worked with some of the best known names in the fetish art photo business, including the example here by Eric Kroll, who photographed Victoria on a desk  …

Turns out Victoria has dance training ..  Many  model’s I’m personally drawn to seem to have dance or acting training and backgrounds …

Dave Foss, Victoria Von Helkine, Back Yard Art Nude, Long dark flowing hair nude, earth tone stucco
Photo by Dave Foss

Acting helps with expressiveness, dance with form.  I’m all about form and expression.

“Model Mayhem is s where I find most of the photographers I’ve worked with.

Carpe Lux Photo, Victoria Von Helkine, Nude back flex on stair well
By Carpe Lux Photo

I first started with Tommy Edwards in Seattle, who was recommended by a friend.

Tommy started me out as a model, and puts me in very physical poses that I’ve since picked up on and incorporated into my own style.

Nude with Rump up on Las Vegas Hotel bed, Black fashion hose, Victoria Von Helkine, Clicko
Photo by Clicko

I’m also a ballet dancer, so I’m very aware of my body and movements.

I do my best shoots by improvising and going with how I feel, and how the cloths and make up makes me feel.

Magnus, Victoria Von Helkine, Black boots, back bend on round end table
Photo by Magnus

I’ve been modeling on and off for over ten years now.

Recently, I have been doing quite a lot more modeling.

Las Vegas, Butch Padillo, Nude on Red sandstone, Balanced on Toes, Beautiful Nude Brunette
Photo by Butch Padillo

I’ll do tf with very experienced photographers or people whom I just really admire their artistry.

Other than that I either don’t shoot or will do a paid shoot.

Alberto Bevacqua, Victoria Von Helkine, Wire Bondage Art Fetish Nude, Metal Bondage Art Nude
Photo by Alberto Bevacqua

If given full creative control, I like to project a mood … and select my make up and cloths to suit that feeling.

Tommy Edwards, Victoria Von Helkine, Vinyl black waiste high garterbelt, Fishnet hose, vaginal lip peak a boo, from the back, nude
Photo by Tommy Edwards

It’s nice to have a make up artist;  but, when doing my own, I make sure to use a foundation primer before applying make up, as it give my skin a smooth finish;  and, the foundation doesn’t look as heavy.

Tommy Edwards, Victoria Von Helkine, Latin Style Yellow Latex Art Fetish Nude
Photo by Tommy Edwards

There is still plenty for me to learn;  and, I’m always trying to keep my mind open to new things and expanding my creativity.

Nude on a stool in window in SeattleInspiration is important to me.

Mykal Binds, Victoria Von Helkine, Tied Nude to Stool, Black High Heal Pumps, Bondage Fetish Art Nude
Photo by Mykal Binds

Therefore, I try to find inspiration in everything and I hope I can give back by inspiring others in turn.”

Michael Helms, Petty Nude with long legs, Facing Camera, Thigh High black knit hose, Dark Hair, Stucco Texured Background, Smiling at camera, perky boobs
Photo by Michael Helms

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