Isobel Wren, T H Taylor, implied nude on sofa

Isobel Wren, Independent Model – Richmond, VA

Moloko, bourgeois style, Dale May, Isobel Wren, French Renesance Fireplace, Two Women, Face Paint Mask, Nude
Moloko, Bourgeois style, Dale May

Isobel Wren is a very pretty 110 lb 5″7″ 26 year old independent professional model residing in Richmond, VA.

As you see, she sports a curvy 34B-26-36 figure and has those deep dark honey-brown pools of brown eyes that will come with natural red hair …

Great equipment, used in a form and in combination with expressions which challenge, invite, and warning off those who are too timid.

“I’ve been modeling for something like six or seven years now …

Back and forth … Part time and full-time.

To get work, I rely on networking with other models and photographers, casting calls and travel notices and emailing folks directly.

This is pretty much the same way I have been getting work since I first started in modeling.

I got into modeling when someone told me ‘you should be a model‘.

He turned out to be a scammer … but I thought, ‘Well if this guy thinks I can do it, I bet I can.’

The Board Room, Nude in Pool with high heals, Costa Rica, EdwinR, Isobel Wren
The Board Room, Costa Rica, EdwinR

I looked up ‘model website‘ on the internet, found a few portfolio sites and put pictures up.

tocks, Costa Rica, Buttock, EdwinR Photography, Isobel Wren, Nude outdoors
Tocks, Costa Rica, EdwinR Photography

At first, I used to come up with creative ideas come about by writing to photographers with large, detailed lists of ideas that I wanted to shoot …

Real doll blowjobs aren't real, Isobel Wren, woman face sitting, woman licking nude woman in black hose on bed
'Real doll blowjobs aren't real'
That's me, Robert Sanders, Nylon Rope Collar, Isobel Wren, Brunette with Brown Eyes, High Fashion Bondage
'That's me' Robert Sanders

But pretty early on I got tired of photographers saying, ‘That’s a nice idea but I don’t want to shoot it’.

Now I tend to hang back unless someone absolutely insists I come up with ideas.

To get ready for a shoot, I always keep my nails nice, my hair dyed and my bikini line waxed.

I also go to the gym three days a week to stay in shape.

I have a stock of makeup and keep false eyelashes on hand.

Siren, Nude on rocky beach, Rhode Island, Cory Silken, Isobel Wren
Siren, Rhode Island, Cory Silken
Gurella Style nude in red vinyl jump suit, paint factor, water tower nude, isobel wren, Art Silva
Gurella Style nude in red vinyl jump suit, Art Silva

The night before a shoot, I shower and make sure I wear clothes that won’t leave lines on my skin the day of the shoot.

Immediately before the shoot I brush my hair and put on a base coat of makeup.

When I get to the shoot, I ask the photographer what kind of eyes/lips he wants and I complete that.

For go to beauty products, I love Benetint’s Cheek Stain, Benetint’s Cheek StainMakeup Forever’s HD Foundation and their Kohl Eyeliner, Physician’s Formula Yellow Concealer, Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer, and Hot Body Lip Gloss.

Isobel Wren, T H Taylor, implied nude on sofaI’ve had the same bottle of Benetint Rose since I started modeling, it always looks really natural.

Get Bent, Isobel Wren, Dan Warner
Get Bent, Dan Warner

Makeup Forever has really high quality products. Their foundation blends seamlessly and had lots of colors, looks good under all lights and cameras. Their kohl and liquid liners are easy to apply and stay on pretty well.

HOLY SHIT! LOOK AT MY ASS!, Isobel Wren, T H Taylor

Physician’s Formula concealer is great for under eye circles (just put a little on your finger and blend).

defiant in pearls, rigging by Emily Tyrant, Aeric Goujon, Isobel Wren, Pearl Strands Bondage
Defiant in pearls, rigging by Emily Tyrant, Aeric Goujon

Urban Decay’s primer is kind-of hard to get out of the container but if you have oily eyelids like me where shadow falls off in minutes it’ll keep your shadow on ALL NIGHT.

I was given a bunch of Hot Body lipgloss.  It looks and tastes great, wears a long time without being greasy or sticky.

While posing, I think about getting the best possible image.  How I’m posing, how I’m standing, where to move next …

Then sometimes I get distracted and think of things like my grocery list …..

What most people and aspiring models do not know is, modeling at this level is a lot harder and more time intensive than one would originally think.

You’ve got to do a lot of research;  and, you’re frequently on the hook for your own travel expenses, which can be difficult if your research misled you and people cancel on you.

If I can't see you, you're not there, Red Bondage, Red Blind Fold, Red Panties, Red Lipstick, red demi sweater, 19K Studio, Isobel Wren, Red Climbing rope, BDSM
If I can't see you, you're not there, 19K Studio

If you’re young and tall, or any age and reasonably tall, you can get an agent and that’s a lot less work.

Being an independent model, most of your time goes into looking for work;  and, there’s not much of a support structure in place for getting consistent pricing and avoiding flakes or dangerous people.

These days, I do a mixed amount of trade and paid work.

I support myself with modeling,  so most of my work is paid … but it’s important to keep your portfolio up-to-date with the best possible work.

Most of the best possible photographers don’t pay, so trade is the way to get good work.”

For more Isobel click here.

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