Hair Mask, Red Wig, Lithe Body suit, black body suit, lithe model

International Fine Art Nude Model Laura New Myers

Multi Media Bling Makeup, wedge cut blonde wig2012 we kick of with truly versatile fine art nude model Laura New Myers.

Residing for now in Bangkok, Thailand, Laura is a professional international traveling model.

“I have been Modeling now for eight years.

Starting in Alabama and worked my way from state to state … island to island … country to country …

Hair Mask, Red Wig, Lithe Body suit, black body suit, lithe modelI am now doing the agency thing here in Bangkok, Thailand and let me tell you, It is a hole different Tango just so you know.

The real modeling world is nothing like the freelance modeling world … but freelance modeling is great preparation.

I have always worked full-time. I don’t believe in half assed attempts towards a dream.”

Last summer, I almost had an opportunity to shoot with Laura, while she was briefly swinging through Phoenix, on her jet setting way to Asia.

Unfortunately, the logistics did not quite work out for us this go around ..

elegant high key blonde with pearls and white dressThese days, Exodus Model Management is keeping Laura very busy modeling with gigs in exotic locations throughout South East Asia like Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore.

I’m looking forward to a next opportunity to shoot this amazing traveling model, who is also an accomplished and very creative makeup stylist.

22 years old with blonde hair and blue eyes doesn’t begin to describe her.

Laura is of medium height.

5’7″ on a lithe 95 pound, 32A-24-34 inch  with a waif like frame, Laura is a chameleon.

Laura New with kiss like band, metal band, nude women, two nude womenFor the photographers who hire her, Laura incorporating her considerable styling skills to create countless new, exciting and fantasy menagerie versions of herself.

With so many looks, what is the common thread?

What underlies the core of Laura’s artistic expression?

Laura brings it on, an ideal find for a fine art nude model.

Nude Red Head, small breasted red head, wild red hairBefore the photographer’s lens, Laura may be relied on to transform into countless captivating and new varieties of female beauty incarnate.

“When I first started modeling I did not know many people so I was lucky to meet the few that helped me along the way.

A photographer named Lewis came across me on One Model Place (OMP).

Fine Art Nude, Mime makeup nude, spaghetti ribbon, pierced nude re-barAfter meeting me, he soon saw that I was raw talent.   I just needed to be dusted off and shined … He saw so much potential in me and knew it was only a matter of getting some sort of exposure.

After teaching me an appropriate shoot rate and booking me himself to get me use to it, he introduced me to the world of ‘Workshops.’

Photography workshops are the perfect place to get started.

Nude blonde with black feather boaWorkshops changed my world and acquainted me to the next advocate of my life .. A dear friend, Kelly Ealy.   When I was 18 and possibly looking at a homeless future .. She opened her arms wide.

Stretching with no hesitation and took me in as her own.

If a guardian angel was ever granted to me it would have been her!

She housed me, fed me, got me back on my feet and helped me understand the industry better.

She gave me the closest thing to a family I could have ever hoped for and cared for me live a loving mother.

And most of all, she believed in me… with everything .. she believed in me.

After attending a few workshops, I began to make a name for myself and met many more very helpful people!

Nude Shaved thin blonde, pale skinThese days, I have an agency handling my bookings.

Year end is the crunch time for my agency and I have been crazy busy.

When I was at first a freelance model, Model Mayhem (MM) was a very useful tool for soliciting work.

I also used OMP as well.

I would first set up what states I wanted to run through in the most efficient order.  Then I would use OMP to send out notifications, and MM to send out my own notification to everyone in the area I was going.

Marching blonde, high stepping blonde, thin blonde, high fashion march, lifted knee prancing blonde, beige shoesI traveled as well with business cards to pass on to anyone I had worked with or at group events so I was always easily reachable.

To get ready for a shoot, first off I must say, I believe, that having hair, makeup, and wardrobe skills or a damn creative imagination is fundamental for a Freelance model.

When a shoot is initially booked, I first understood what they are wanting out of it and suggest a few best fitting potential looks.

Most I find usually want me for the fantasy hair and makeup, always with a couture twang.

High fashion, black bra, garters, large pearls, exoticSo many photographers, from those shooting school portraits, to mall glamour shops, to landscape specialists .. even painters, …  I found were starving for something new … something inspiring

I first pick my music genre to fit what mood I am going for and then morph into character.

First is makeup .. Usually for the more creative stuff, I carry a notebook of sketched ideas from the road.

This usually helps me speed up the process a bit (be prepared).

Next, I decorate my hair to match with my assortment of wigs, extension pieces, and clip on’s.

Nude lithe blonde with wig, horn hair wig, cornucopia blonde hairLast, I pick a suitable outfit and tamper with it to fit my desired look.

As far as a go to product for me.. I have always used an affordable mix of convenient store makeup..

But, there are a few that I would suggest:  Hard Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer, Sephora’s Red Lip Stain, and I liked Maybelline Fit as well.

While we are in this subject … Wigs are great and can be very affordable if you look for good deals.

You can usually find good wig deals at beauty stores (in the ghetto).

I usually never paid more than $25 for a wig.

Also get use to lashes ASAP. You can find great lashes at costume stores.

I have been doing this for 8 years.  I only work for paid now.

Nude Pale Blonde, waif like nude, A cup nude, fine art nudeI have reached a point where I no longer ‘need’ anything for my port.

Also my photo standards have become so high that my attempts to be satiated are
almost futile.

When shooting, I try my best to not think … that can sometimes get you in trouble.

Listen for any direction adjustments and move very slightly.

Let it become a second nature.

For more of Laura’s work, click here.

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