Chelsea Christian, Good Egg Productions, Figure Study

Chelsea Christian Alternative Fetish Model Gainesville, Florida

Chelsea Christian, Good Egg Productions, Figure StudyChelsea Christian is a 20-year-old professional alternative art fetish model residing in Gainesville, Florida.

She shares with us how she hones and uses her craft as model, in collaborations which create images such as these we see here today.

Chelsea has an ability to form her long lithe proportions – a slightly busty 5’7″ @ 115 pounds – into lines perfect for the art nude photo genre.

Chelsea Christian, Robert Alvarado, Bar Stools, Legs, Two Women, Pin up, footsie, Raven Le FayeAs you will see, her look is versatile as are her expressions, which she keenly cultivates to harmonize with the varied contexts of pose and setting.

“I’ve been modelling full-time for about 1.5 years, doing everything from horror and macabre work to glamour to artistic nude work.  Throughout my career I’ve been able to travel around the country some working with some of the top photographers in the industry.

I’ve suffered from fibromyalgia and other debilitating health problems for about 6 years now, and a goal for my modeling has always been and always will be to use my art to bring awareness and support to fibromyalgia, research groups for it, and to aid other people who suffer with this disease.

Chelsea Christian, Head Shot, Hollywood style, Black and WhiteIndeed, throughout my career I’ve had opportunities to do this, through a charity contest on Zivity, the cover for Fibromyalgia and through Chronic Pain Life Magazine which also featured an article about me, and in some other smaller vehicles.

I’m also a musician and have played drums and concert percussion for about 10 years now.

Frequently, I play drums for musicals at various theaters around Gainesville.

Nude bondage, Chelsea ChristianOn top of all of that,… I’m also a full-time student currently majoring in theater.

Most of my modeling work comes from Model Mayhem.

I post travel announcements when I plan trips and reply to castings from photographers looking for models;  but, most of my work comes from photographers seeing my work and just sending me a message.

I get some work from other modeling/portfolio sites as well, even DeviantArt occasionally.

When I first started I got my work only through Model Mayhem.  I didn’t actively go after work, because I was really focused on school and music, so I just waited for photographers to contact me.”

Commode, Fetish, Fetish Boots, NudeWhat the typical creative process for her shoots?

Reclining Location Nude“Some shoots are very much a collaborative effort as far as ideas and basis for shoots.

The photographer and I have started with a very basic idea and we both add to it as far as details and wardrobe and such.

I keep a photo-blog that has a ton of awesome pictures on it that I send to people to use for inspiration for shoots, so that helps also.

Some shoots are strictly to do the photographer’s idea.  Those aren’t as fun for me because I’m a very creative person and try to bring a part of myself into everything I do.”

In Voluptas Mors, Philippe Halsman, Salvador Dali, Composite Nude Art, Nude Art SkullWhat you do to get ready for a shoot?

Puffy Nipples, Figure Study, Nude Figure Study“I sort of have a routine, but nothing set in stone as far as I do.

The night before a shoot I make sure I have the details written down in a notebook I bring with me (date, time, location, what to bring, etc.).

If my hair is faded or my roots have grown out a lot I redye it. Then I get everything together I need for the shoot (makeup, wardrobe, accessories, shoes, props).

Either the night before or the morning of the shoot, I shower and shave and finish up other last-minute things.”

Alvarado, Nude, Purple stretch pants, purple hair, purple shoes, purple, Chelsea ChristianWhat are some of your go to or must have beauty/makeup products and why?

Perky Boobs, Nude Breasts, Youthful Breasts, Chelsea Christian“I make sure to always have my base makeup with me.  I can live without eye shadow and mascara, but if my face doesn’t look as smooth as possible, the pictures just won’t look as good.

Black eyeliner and a natural looking lipstick are also very important to me.

With just those things I can go for the entire shoot with multiple looks without anything else.”

Flexibility Nude, Flexibility Pose, Art Nude, FlexibilityHow did you get into modeling?

Rope Gag, BDSM, Hemp Gag, Manila Gag, Rope Bondage, bondage Gag“A friend of mine is a makeup artist, and she was looking to update her portfolio.  Her parents are professional photographers, so it was pretty for her to set it all up.  She came up with the plans to do a shoot related to vampires and other horror makeup.

She sent out a Facebook event invitation to her friends and asked people that were interested in being a part of it to let her know.

Nude Women, Bathing, Bath Tub, Oval Bath tub, two nude womenI got the invite and let her know that I wanted to be a part of the shoot.

I had wanted to be a model when I was younger, about 13, and got a call back audition thing at a casting, but never really did anything about it, so I forgot about it.

I did a few different shoots with her and her parents and other friends of ours that wanted to be involved with modeling;  and, I realized I really loved being a model.

Still, having decided to focus on school, I didn’t really pursue it.

Bound to Table, Nude, Bondage, Fetish, fetish belt, rope bondageA few months later, a few of my friends contacted me and said they’d seen the pictures from that shoot, and that they had assignments for their photography classes that needed models, and wondered if I would work with them on it.

After those few shoots with my friends I realized that I really had a passion for the industry, and wanted to pursue it more seriously.

I basically threw myself into becoming a successful model;  and, I’ve been doing it ever since.

I do primarily paid work at this point;  though, I don’t think I’ll ever stop doing selective TF shoots.

I save those for outstanding photographers who will add to my portfolio, and/or if there’s a full team provided for the shoot (hair, makeup, wardrobe).

Flexibility Figure StudyI don’t think I could explain how to go from TF to paid.   I did it slowly.

Once my portfolio got to a certain level I accepted less and less TF shoots.

I think about a lot of different things while posing.

Sometimes what I think about is related to the shoot.   Sometimes it’s totally unrelated to the shoot.

I think about what mood I want to reflect in the images,

… how my body is posed from head to toe,

… what kind of lines I’m creating with my body,

… how my wardrobe looks and if I need to adjust it,

… and a bunch of other things …

Low Key, Nude figure studyWhen posing I think it’s really important to think about all of these things;  because, they’re all equally important.

I’ve seen a shot get ruined by something small like whether the model’s toe is pointed of not.

Aspiring models and photographers need to know that it’s A LOT of hard work.

This isn’t a career you can half-ass your way through.

You give up time and money and other things to do this.

I’ve spent more money than I can count on things like travel expenses to get to and from shoots, makeup and wardrobe needed for shoots, etc.

In a normal job , I can get away with not looking 100% perfect for work, and I can wear the same thing more than 2 or 3 times without someone noticing or caring, and I can call in sick when I need to without having to worry about someone thinking I’m flaking.

As a model I always have to make sure my appearance is perfect for each shoot.

If I have a breakout or a bruise, I don’t work.

I have to get new lingerie, clothing, and shoes regularly, so that I’m not wearing the same outfits for every shoot;  and, because photographers will request things that I don’t have.

Two Women, etherealI’ve also gone to work so sick I was throwing up in between sets.

I’ve done shoots while unable to speak because I had lost my voice.

I’ve done shoots while I had a concussion and was supposed to be staying home to rest.

I’ve done shoots with stitches in my hand after cutting it badly on glass the night before.

I’ve also had to cancel plans with friends, wake up at 3 am to be at a sunrise shoot, and have studied and done homework in the car between shoots;  because, I had 7 shoots in 2 days.

What you need to realize is this:

It will either be too hot, or too cold.

You will either be in a cramped space, or have too much room and have to figureNude Seated on Couch, nude dilapidated house, grunge house nude out how to pose so you don’t look small.

If you’re shooting in clothing you don’t own, it will probably be too big, or too small.

It will probably too loud to hear direction, or so silent that every move you make sounds loud.

You will have to shoot when you are feeling sick, uncomfortable, in pain, hungry, thirsty, sad, bored, angry, and stressed, …

And, the images you create still have to look perfect.

Be prepared.

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  1. just stumbling around and found your work. it”s rather nice, and if in that genre i’d look at your portfolio. chuck – gainesville, fl

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