Ballet trained professional fine art nude model Lisa Jupiter

Arched Back Nude with Toe Shoes, Lisa JupiterLisa Jupiter is a 28 years young puppet of a muse.

Pointe Shoes, Forward Spliting Leap, By Ocean Beach Surf, Nude profile, Dancer, Hair Waving in Breeze

Look though you might, good luck seeing the wires.

It’s her dancer’s training, me thinks.  Invisible wires hold up her 5′ 8″ size 4 lithe form.

Sometimes blonde, sometimes brunette, with a captivating gaze set off by bright green on green eyes.

Curled up naked in fetal positionShe has lovely form, which she often arrays for the world, nude but for a pair of ballet pointe shoes.

Holding herself before the lens with dancer’s grace further refined by her study of yoga, she charms us here today.

Nude Profile, Lisa Jupiter“I get a lot my work through social networking sites such as model mayhem, tumblr and facebook.

I also get referrals.

When I first started modeling I had some good photos of myself from my style blog and worked on getting amazing images with local photographers.

I started getting really good job offers and realized I could make a living off of it.

I have to say a lot of the shoots were just winging it and feeding off of each others creative energy.

It really just depends because each photographer has a unique way of working.


I find I feel the best when I am giving some sort of direction and the freedom to expand on it.

I love make-up.

I love how eyeliner can accentuate the shape and color of the eye.

I usually try different brands but Mac Eyeshadow is awesome and I like Almay Beauty products because my skin is quite sensitive.

I really styled modeling in fall of 2010.

bright green eyes, Lisa Jupiter Wearing open trench coat, bare breasted, bare pubisI had a fashion blog and had interest in modeling, so I did some incredible shoots and by February have been traveling monthly and considering it my profession.

Lisa Jupiter Standing Nude on Rock PromentoryIt happened really fast.

Lisa Jupiter Nothing but Nude

It really helped to talk to other traveling models to figure out how to travel and get work consistently.

Lisa Jupiter Leaping Nude with ChiffonI had to learn quickly.Ass, Lisa Jupiter

Lisa Jupiter Bent over forward nudeI only accept paid projects unless I want some portfolio work or a trade for a model who also photographs.

I started out with just trades to build my portfolio but at this point have too many photographs!

When shooting, it depends on the shoot what I will be doing specifically …

… But, I am working the camera.

Lisa-Jupiter-Bent-over-at-waist-nude with pointe shoes, clam, vaginal lips, toe shoes, balletI am looking to portray sexy, boldness, innocence.

It is a bit like acting in that respect.

Sometimes visualization is helpful and music.

I am not overly concerned with a bad angle because I am trying to convey a feeling.

My ballet experience and yoga practice really has helped me in finding grace and fluidity in my modeling.”

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