Curvy Exotic, Woman, on sandy beach, mountains behind

Amelia Simone, Exotic Model residing in San Deigo, California

Curvy Exotic, Woman, on sandy beach, mountains behindSan Diego based model Amelia Simone is curvy, busty and beautiful.

While modeling for less than a year,  she has achieved full-time professional status.

How has she achieved this?

Amelia is a 24-year-old all natural beauty with a body toned by 8 years of regular yoga practice.

If her figure doesn’t quite captivate, she exudes an exotic sultriness which will draw you in.

Great combination for a nude figure model.

The mystique of her ethnicity, can you pierce her origins?

Exotic Woman, in pink bra and denim jeans, Mixed Ethnicity, Black, Portuguese, Native AmericanWhat mystery!

I will tell you, after you gaze and guess a bit, near the article’s end.

Busty Brunette, poolRead ahead if you like, or guess away to your heart’s content, then see how close you were.

“I am very easy-going, take direction very well, and will often fall into a pose you’re thinking of before you tell me to do so. I like joking around, getting to know people and don’t need to have 50 edited photos by the time I get home :D”

Amelia is a size 4, 5’6″ and 120 lbs with tanned skin, brown eyes and brown hair.

Her curvy measurements?  32D-27-37.

shaved nude brunette, blowing bubbles, in shower
“I have been modeling just over 7 months and do this full-time.

Black and White, Art Nude, Rocks, Reflecting in water, Exotic Woman, Fine art nude photographyBefore modeling, I was doing back-office operations at a Brokerage Firm (stocks&bonds, retirement, and brokerage accounting).

Needless to say, my life is vastly less stressful now, and I work with very different people.

I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything other than modeling now.

It all started when, I picked up a magazine in April 2011 and said ‘I want to do this..I can do this..I’m gonna do this.’

..then I came across the term “TF” and was ecstatic..I went on craigslist and said: ‘Anybody want to TF in my area?’

Nude on railing, nude on patio, exotic, shaved, art nude, tanned, brunetteWhat a train wreck that could have been.

Well long story short, I hooked up with some great photographers early on and started created some pieces of art I am very fond of.

Curvy, Exotic, Nude, Beauty, Nature, rocks, white rocksI couldn’t be where I am today without those photographers.

Nude Yoga Poses, Black and White, Exotic EthnicityNudes didn’t come until about 2 months into modeling… So I’ve been doing nudes, which are my primary focus, for about 4 or 5 months.

The creative process for shooting generally comes from the photographer as I mostly do paid work and the photographer is client.

I usually bring ideas to the table when I am doing TF shoots… and, I tend to gravitate more towards creative, artistic and natural settings in nature.

To get ready for a shoot, mentally I think of how I can progress upon all previous work I’ve done before.

I think about what has worked and what looked silly, what expression conveys what meaning to the viewer, and how to best interpret what I am wearing (or not wearing).

Nude woman, arched back, reflective pool, profile, rocks, water, translucent waters, nature nude, exotic modelI try to be in my best physical condition.

I do a regimen of Yoga, and have been doing that for the past 8 years, drink tons of water, and exfoliate every 2 days.

For my makeup kit, I love MAC Foundation… It provides enough coverage and doesn’t end up oily on my skin.

Other than that, a little bit of mascara, a light layer of eyeshadow and I am good to go.

A majority (95%) of my work is paid, but when I come across a photographer that I really must work with, I reach out and ask if we can do TF.

Exotic Woman, nude, on green knoll, Cliff, Nature nude, moss covered knoll, rocky knollI have yet to pay a photographer to this day;  but, that doesn’t mean I won’t pay if I really love someone’s work.

Exotic Nude woman, green foliageI went from TF to paid once someone wrote to me and asked for my rates

From then on, I gauged the feel of how much models were charging for my calibre of work, and have been doing paid shoots since.

Nude on, Penthouse, Balcony, Railing, overlooking a courtyard, exotic brunetteWhile shooting, often times I go into a zone where I am not thinking about it at all.

Going with the flow tends to be the best method for me to achieve my best posing.

I always do all of my own posing… unless a photographer has a creative idea, otherwise I take the reins.

I think the most important thing to remember when posing is putting yourself into the photographers shoes… Mentally thinking about how something looks from a certain angle makes a mediocre shot a great one…

It’s all about angles … not to mention lighting, weather, distance, and a multitude of other things, haha.

exotic woman, spread leg nude, powder white sandy beach, shaved exotic woman nudeMy advise to models is, do what you love and don’t let anyone tell you what is good for you, as long as you’re having fun and are being respected.”

Nipple profile, nipple silhouette, exotic woman silhouetted, silhouetted nude at sunsetHave you by now divined Amelia’s ethnicity?

If your leanings were a beautiful blend of Black, Portuguese and Native American, you’d be right.

Yoga Art Nude, Exotic Art Nude, Black and White, back bend nude, nude arched backFor more of Amelia click here.

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