Using Lightroom 4 ( LR4) to Create a Kindle Book – Layout and Writing a Photo book is getting easier and easier

Make Kindle Book, Make Kindle Book with Lightroom 4, Lay out eBook, Layout eBook, Lightroom 4 Book Module, LR 4 Book Module, Make photo book with Lightroom 4, Make photo book, how to make a photo bookErotic Photo Art Nudes in Hotel – Creole Lexi in Color and Black & White (Hotel Nudes),” is my latest book.

Except for shooting, scheduling, and editing the cover and a few images here and there in Photoshop, the rest of the book was made entirely using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4.

By this my fifth book.

Trial and error is giving way to run with it and go.

The final Lightroom work of laying out the book took about 4 hours.

Of course, the other aspects of creating this book took much longer.

Shooting takes 3-4 hours.  Going through the 800 or so initial images takes 2-3 hours.  Editing those images takes time.  Setting up a shoot takes time… Etc., Etc., Etc.

Once you know the shots you will use, the layout itself and publication can be done in just a few hours…

Then of course,  you then have to wait some hours, or maybe a day for Kindle to approve and publish your book after you have uploaded it.

Perhaps the largest challenge for me now in using LR4 for book layout is determining which version of an image from the Lightroom Catalog gets imported into the book module.

Why? Because the Lightroom Catalog seems to have a mind of its own. Finding the version of an image, edited, small, large, etc, and the version I desire can be a bit of a puzzle.  Where are they?  Which one is LR4 choosing?  Where is it getting the image from?

Catalog’s in LR4 work much differently than file and folders in Windows (with which I am more familiar).

“Erotic Photo Art Nudes in Hotel” has 69 images, plus a cover. The cover is a montage of interior images with text which I laid out using Photoshop at 1600 x 2500 pixels as the Kindle advise seemed to suggest was best.

This layout is for use with the newer Kindles or for download to Kindle emulators on Windows PC’s, Android smart phones and the like.

LR4 layouts are too complex for first generation Kindles to display properly… But, the color Kindle Fire‘s are all the rage now anyway with millions and millions of copies sold.

Get with the future now and go color, even when doing a black and white book.

Some new quirks learned?

My spell check is still being done using Word, or for this book with MS Outlook.  There is no spell check within Lightroom….

While there is little text in this book, I do put a lead in page saying something about the book, along with copy right notifications, etc…

Strangely, Kindle does not seem to put any kind of copy right information into these books…

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You can buy an immediate download of Lightroom 4 for $125.95 by clicking here.

Or you can buy the Lightroom 4 upgrade for $79 by clicking here.

Erotic Photo Art Nudes in Hotel” is free to Amazon Prime members and a few bucks otherwise on Amazon by clicking here.



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