My third Kindle / Create Space POD Amazon Book, written using Photoshop Lightroom 4

1955 Ford Thunderbird Classic Convertible with Nude Body Painted Figure Models, Color Body Painted Photography,” is my third book, written using mostly Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 (LR 4).

About three of the images in this 35 image book used some photoshop as did the cover for text layout.

The balance was layed out using LR4’s book module only.

While previous articles pointed out issues with formating from the PDF output of the LR4 Book Module, this may be highly dependent on the kind of Kindle one is using.

Using the ‘Simple Book Previewer’ in KDP’s (Kindle Direct Publishing) site, the preview using a PDF file is way screwed up.  I think this assures backward compatibility to the first generation black and white Kindles.

However, using the ‘Enhanced Previewer” in KDP, or doing a ‘Download Book Preview File’ into a Kindle Viewer compatible with Windows 7 seems to work fine with a PDF file output from the LR4 Book Module.

Going straight forom LR4 to KDP makes life so much easier, and faster than having to use Word.  With Word, much formatting, like exact page break locations, how many images there are per page, and other features seem very much lost to easy view.

Try it, you’ll like it.

You can buy an immediate download of Lightroom 4 for $133.09 by clicking here.

Or you can buy the Lightroom 4 upgrade for $79 by clicking here.

You can see how my Kindle book (current version made with LR4) looks on Amazon by clicking here.

To view other articles on how to make an ebook using LR4, click here.

You can view the Paperback version on Amazon, in late July, by clicking here.



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