My first paperback book, “Phoenix Street People – Summer 2012”

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This paperback book was made entirely using Lightroom 4.

Photoshop Lightroom 4, while it seemed to make for an easy Kindle book writing experience, on closer examination did not format properly on conversion from PDF to Kindle, by way of leaving pictures out randomly.

However, the PDF files created by Lightroom 4 make for some easy Amazon Paperbacks, using the Amazon service, which service can be totally free.

My first Amazon paperback book, “Phoenix Street People – Summer 2012  was made entirely using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4.

Once I got the hang of it, paperbacks are easier to make than the Kindles, thanks to the LR4 layout tools.

Making a Kindle takes more steps…

The Kindles formatting works using Microsoft Word, after a fashion.

To make a Kindle book, you drag and drop all your picture files into a .DOC formated MS Word file, one image to a page, with one page break in between each image.

I still like to use LR4 to make a book first, as it makes layout easier.  Then I move these image files into the Word Program by dragging and dropping all the .JPGs at one time, or one at a time per page, if I prefer…

Initially, I thought I could make a Kindle book using LR4…  Perhaps they will add a module upgrade soon which outputs an htm format compatible with Kindle.  For now, the instructions I gave in my prior article for creating a Kindle book using LR4 don’t work.  Well, they kind of do, but with highly unreliable results…

Still, LR4 is a good for a printed book and makes conversion into the MS Word layout much easier once the initial layout done using Lightroom 4.

See also:   My first Kindle Book using Lightroom 4 ( LR4 ) 

Once you have all your images in MS WORD, along with your text, to make sure this formats correctly in Kindle, view the file in Web View.

In Word, go to “VIEW”

Choose “Web Layout”

Without proper page breaks, the Kindle app may fail to make certain pictures visible.

(To view additional articles on how to make a Kindle ebook with LR4, click here.)

You insure this by lining up your images in one vertical column, with a touch of white space (the page break) in between each image.  Add a page break where you need them.

If the images are side by side or otherwise touch, they lack a page break and will not format correctly on  Kindle.  Probably, one of the images will not be viewable.   Usually it seems the second images fails to display on the Kindle in these occurrances.

Place text as needed.   Placing the text on its own pages, with a page break above and below the text… seems to work.

If you have blank pages on your Kindle, you probably have extra page breaks… Find them and delete the extra page breaks to avoid these difficult to see nuisances.  They are difficult to see because in Web Layout View, one page break looks very similar to two page breaks…


After you save as a DOC file, only then save a web filtered .htm file version.

If you do not save the .DOC, and save as a web filtered htm, you cannot easily go back and re-edit your file later…

Always edit the .DOC file and save a working copy of the .DOC file.

The .htm file will be one used only for the Kindle conversion process.

Next Step, go to the directory the saved .htm file is in.

There will be two files that this .htm saving created.

A file with a “.htm” extension.

A file with a “_files” suffix.

ZIP these two together.

Click on one file

Ctrl click on the second file

Right click on one of the highlighted files

Choose “Send to” > “Compressed (zipped) folder”

This ZIP file is the one you upload into the Kindle app on Amazon’s site.

Good luck!

You can buy an immediate download of Lightroom 4 for $133.09 by clicking here.

Or you can buy the Lightroom 4 upgrade for $79 by clicking here.

You can see how my Kindle book (current version done with Word) looks on Amazon by clicking here.

You can view my Paperback version on Amazon by clicking here.


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