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My first Kindle Book using Lightroom 4 ( LR4 )

Kindle ebook, write Kindel ebook, how to write Kindle ebook with LR4, how to write kindle ebook with Lightroom 4, Nude with Snake
Cover to ebook my first Kindle book written using LR4

Wow, it’s been really difficult getting information regarding publishing a Kindle book and how to use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 to write it.

It’s remarkably easy.  I tried it, and it worked!!

Just lay out your book using LR4’s amazingly simple to use Book Module.

  • Select your images.
  • Switch to the Book Module.
  • Place one image per page.

If you like to caption your images, you can easily add a page between images and caption or write text into those.

Save the book as a pdf file.  Make sure you know where LR4 saves the file and remember it’s file name… LR4 can put files in crazy places.

Upload the book into the your kdp publishing account, which is easy to set up on Amazon.

Kindle, for now, is largely a black and white platform.   Black and white images thus make for excellent photo ebooks… Color, not so much… for now…

To make a cover, pick an image, Amazon recommends 1000 pixels min and asks for 2500 with a 1 to 1.6 aspect ratio, preferred not required.

After a bit of trail and error, I learned Amazon does not add a title to the cover.    So you need to write your own text onto the cover, if you like to have a cover with title text… or not…

I used Photoshop CS6 to create my cover text.

My book was set to a landscape aspect cover, and has many landscape format images, along with some portrait formatted ones in the contents.   Both formats seem to be working fine.

(To view additional articles, written after more learning, on making an Amazon Kindle ebook with LR4, click here.)

You can buy an immediate download of Lightroom 4 for $133.09 by clicking here.

Or you can buy the Lightroom 4 upgrade for $79 by clicking here.

You can see how my Kindle book looks on Amazon by clicking here.



One thought on “My first Kindle Book using Lightroom 4 ( LR4 )”

  1. Update. Trial and error. The PDF creator for LR4 works much better for making an Amazon Createspace printed book.

    When creating a Kindle book, PDF conversion to Kindle can create some weird formatting errors which cause images not to display randomly.

    In fact, similar though different random non display problems occur, sometimes with .DOC files.

    It’s a mystery… .HTM seems to work… sometimes… and depending.. More when I have a stable Kindle process.

    The CreateSpace process with LR4 seems great though… And, LR4 still allows an easy layout, which can then be converted in MS Word, into probably some HTM format for conversion to Kindle…

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