How to write a quick photo art book using Adobe Lightroom 4 for Amazon Kindle eBook publication

Maternity Nude Photo Book, Art Photo NudesCaila’s Nudes – Pregnant with Child, Art Nude Figure Photography in Color and Black and White (Maternity Nudes),” is my forth book.  Again, it is written using mostly Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 (LR 4).

I’m getting faster and better at making the output look good with minimal waste.

It’s still trail and error however… We are pioneers…

Very few, like three to five, of  the of 49 images in this book required some photoshop as did the cover art for text layout.

The balance was entirely layed out using LR4’s Book Module only.

LR4’s Book Module is getting easier and easier for me to use for laying out a Kindle book.

How to make a great Kindle book?  How to do it using Lightroom 4 as your primary layout tool?

I’m still refining using it for laying out an Amazon CreateSpace POD (Print on Demand) book.  The POD CreateSpace books have pretty poor print quality for photo art book.  I am waiting for a printed copy of  color images before I move forward with more printed Amazon books.

The black and white printed books, using the black and white standard paper have a print quality below that of a magazine.  Somewhere between magazine print and news print.  You can see the printing dots with you naked eye.

I’m hoping the paper stock for color will provide a better result for use in photo art books.

Still, the quality of the print and paper were fine for an editorial book of Black and Whites in, “Phoenix Street People – Summer 2012.“ 

While I sort this all out, I’m refining my use of LR4 for both print and eBook layouts.  Each is a bit different.

To reiterate on an eBook, using the ‘Simple Book Previewer’ in KDP’s (Kindle Direct Publishing) site, the preview using a PDF file is way screwed up.

Using the ‘Enhanced Previewer” in KDP, with a ‘Download Book Preview File’ into a Kindle Viewer compatible withWindows 7 seems to work fine with a PDF file output from the LR4 Book Module.

Some new quirks learned?

If you save your PDF at 72 DPI as some suggest, the display is awful.

Kindle customer service told me to save at 300 DPI… It seems 240 DPI with a 75% compression ratio works fine for a Kindle eBook.   So, they have moved way off the 72 DPI…  I hear the screen resolution of the Kindle Fire is 167 DPI…  I haven’t tried that resolution yet…

The higher the DPI, the bigger the file, and Amazon charges a download fee per megabyte…  So your files need to be as small as possible while still looking good.

Also, make sure to use Word or some such to do spell checks on any blocks of text… There is no spell check withing Lightroom….

All in all, I’m loving LR4 for Kindle photo book layout.  Still getting the hang for a POD book…

You can buy an immediate download of Lightroom 4 for $133.09 by clicking here.

Or you can buy the Lightroom 4 upgrade for $79 by clicking here.

You can see how my Kindle book “Caila’s Nudes” (current version made with LR4) looks on Amazon by clicking here.

View other articles on making an ebook with LR4 by clicking here.


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