Another lay out for an Amazon Kindle Photo eBook using only Lightroom 4

Making a cover for a Kindle eBook, How to make a book cover, How to make an ebook cover using photoshopBeauty and the Beast, Cheyenne Nude on Muscle Bike – Erotic Biker Art Photos,” is my sixth Kindle ebook, laid out entirely, except for the cover art, using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 (LR4).

Except editing the cover and a few images here and there in Photoshop, the rest of the book was made entirely using LR4.

The final Lightroom work of laying out the book took about 2-3 hours.  So, I keep getting faster.

To see the other articles written here on making a book with LR4, click here.

As stated in other articles, it takes more time than this to make an ebook, when one considers other aspects of the photographic process.  The time taken here, is the time after one has a basic set of images one would use to make a book.  If you have something like 100-200 suitable and usable images, these then in LR4 can be edited down to and laid out in 2-3 hours.

You may also wish to have your text edited by a friend.  Any changes to the book, once published, take the better part of a day for reapproval by the Kindle department.

The books, during this re-review process, seem available, but perhaps they may not be…

Printed books for instance, do go off to an unavailable state in the Amazon store.

“Beauty and the Beast,” has 57 images, plus a cover.

The lay out was in color for compatibility with the Kindle Fire‘s and with emulators which run on PC’s, Mac’s, Androids, iPAD’s, iPhones, etc.

This edition was done at 70% compression at 240 DPI.  Seems to be fine.

Remember to put some text with copy right notifications, etc…Kindle does not seem to incorporate any of these into its text.

You can buy an immediate download of Lightroom 4 for $125.95 by clicking here.

Or you can buy the Lightroom 4 upgrade for $79 by clicking here.

Beauty and the Beast, Cheyenne Nude on Muscle Bike” is free to Amazon Prime members and a few bucks otherwise on Amazon by clicking here.



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