Switching to Canon 5D Mark III from Nikon D800 and D7000 – Unhappy with Nikon Low Light Mid Range Pro Camera Offering…

Nikon’s D800 is an excellent camera for still life or landscapes.  I’m switching to the Canon 5D Mark III.

While I love the D800‘s on body pro control features, I prefer DX (APS-C) formats, and do shoot my D800 in APS-C mode, even with full frame glass.  There is currently no Nikon body offering which I feel addresses my shooting requirement.  I feel there are many pro and perhaps uneducated pro-am shooters not well served by Nikon’s lens and body offerings.

My backup camera is currently  the DX Nikon D7000.  Love this body… which is getting long in the tooth.  I’m looking for a DX camera body with control features like the D800.

Or, even a full frame FX like the Nikon D600, with the D800 control features.  The D600, while possessing a superior (IMHO) sensor to the D800, has dumbed down control features.

Nikon hasn’t undated the  D300s…. This leaves Canon’s 5D Mark III, currently Amazon’s 5th best-selling DSLR body.  No surprise to me now…

What’s so nice about the 5D Mark III (aka 5D3) ?

I’m a 35 plus year Nikon shooter, switching to the Canon side… What would make me leave the Nikon fold?  Nikon has left me with no great choice for a body with the 16-24M Pixel resolution I prefer with great on camera pro control features and great high ISO/Low Light performance.

The Canon 5D3 can be bought for a bit over $3,000 new, or a bit over $2,000 used…  That puts in on price parity with the Nikon D800…

And, the 5D3 has fast auto-focus in low light, is a respectable and usable 22.3 Megapixels in  resolution and has better low light/high ISO performance than the D800.

I haven’t even gotten into frame rate… But while I’m on it, the D800 shoots a slow 4 FPS, and really seems to slow down when the noise reduction is running… Could use a bit more processing power please?

The 5D3 runs at 6 FPS.  If you are photographing people in active activities or any kind of sports, the D800 is not your camera.  4 FPS will not catch the peak action with any degree of reliability.  Sure you can get lucky, but why get lucky when you can get a 5D3?

Soon to be seeing lens tests and comparisons between the  5D3 and D800 running a few sets of lenses.

Initially will review:

Assumption is the lenses of both Nikon and Canon will be excellent… So the Nikon lenses will be sold, along the Nikon bodies, once testing is complete… Unless Nikon wakes up and announces a camera for my people photography requirements pronto.  Once I complete my switch, it could be 35 years before I consider going back…

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