Snowy Egrets, White, Birds, Fighting, By the Throat, Claw, Clawing, San Diego, Sea Shore, Pear, Fishing Boats

Catch Sea Birds in Flight shooting Nikon D7000 & 70-200mm f/2.8G AF-S VR II Zoom-Nikkor ED-IF Lens with SanDisk UHS-I Speed Class Memories

If you shoot action, you know, it’s a whole lot of waiting … then some furious clicking here and there.

Snowy Egrets, White, Birds, Fighting, By the Throat, Claw, Clawing, San Diego, Sea Shore, Pear, Fishing Boats
Snowy Egrets Fighting

If you are ready to shoot, and the camera is not, moments are missed.

Using a Nikon D7000 along with a fast focusing Nikon 70-200mm f2.8G ED VR II AF-S Zoom-Nikkor ED-IF Lens to capture Snowy Egrets fighting over bait fish and some pelican flocks in flight in San Diego, was some real life experience using this combination along with a couple of different SDHC memories.

The 70-200 F2.8 VR2 is a beauty of a lens.  Razor sharp and lighting fast focusing, it really helps get shots one might otherwise miss.

While the Bokeh is good, one must take care to control enough depth of field when needed based on focus points chosen.

In the shot of the snowy egrets for instance, the breast area of the top bird is in sharp focus.  The original eyes are a bit out of focus, so I photoshopped in a crisp eye from a separate shot … Expression did not change and was well worth it to get the shot with the top bird throttling the lower bird.

To purchase the image or to view the Egrets in more detail, click here.

A real beauty of a lens and in short supply, courtesy of tsunamis, earthquakes and the US Dollar in free fall, prices on these pretty puppies have been rising.

The 70-200mm F2.8 VRII, from  around $2200 in late 2010, was $2400 in March, 2011 and now, (May, 2011) is in the $2650-$2720 range at Amazon and $2449.95 at Adorama.

If you have been considering buying one of these any time soon, do it while you may still be able to find one and before they go raising prices yet again.

Pelican, Flying over head, details under wings, bird, feather
Pelican in Flight F2.8, 105mm, 1/1600 sec, ASA 100 ... NO PHOTOSHOP

In this shot of the Pelican, details are fantastic.

There is no photoshop, beyond converting to JPG from NEF and changing image size.

To purchase or to view a larger version of the Pelican image, click here.

When capturing shots of fast moving pelican flocks in flight or egrets fighting, shooting a shot here, a few shots there, my D7000 memory buffer would fill using the 32 GB Transcend Class 10 speed SDHC cards, causing me to miss some shots …  The prices on these Transcend cards, interestingly, have been rising.  They were $50.55 each in February, 2011.

While rising in price, the Transcend cards remain inexpensive, currently $55.42 at Amazon, and for shooting a Nikon D90, were and still remain a great deal of memory for the buck.

Prices on the D7000 DX sensor format camera bodies may also be rising.

On recent review, D7000’s were available for $1200, with a brief wait from Adorama in February, 2011.

Around that time, I bought one with only a three-week wait.

Currently, the D7000 Amazon price, in stock runs $1199 to $1349 (it may fluxuate daily), and with indeterminate wait, body only at Adorama remains $1199.   So, maybe some things remain the same?

Anyone who has recent experience, love to know how long order fullfilments are taking these days?

As action heats up, the D7000 shoots bigger files when compared to the D90 (16.2 MegaBytes vs 12.3 MB) and faster frame rates (5.7 frames per second vs 4.5 FPS), and will fill the camera’s memory buffer up after 10 shots of fast shooting.

That is, the D7000 memory buffer can fill in under 2 seconds of shooting …

Depending on your memory speed, it can take over 20 seconds to clear the D7000 memory buffer fully.

Alas, what may be done?

Using the Sandisk UHC Speed Class 1 Memories, the memory buffer size becomes a much reduced concern.

(For more on this discussion, see also Nikon D7000 Memory speed tests, SDHC Memory Cards: including Sandisk Extreme Pro UHS Speed Class 1 45MB/Sec and Several Popular Class 10 SDHC Cards)

The higher speeds of these SanDisk Extreme Pro 45 MB/Sec SDHC UHS-I cards allows much faster clearing of the memory buffer in order to catch the next few shots or bursts.

This performance boost is essential to filming fast-moving action like children at play, birds in flight, sports, etc.

Currently prices, while dropping, for the smaller capacity cards SanDisk UHS-I cards are $35.99 for the 8 GB Card and $69.99 for the 16GB Card.

The 32 GB Sandisk Extreme Pro 45MB/Sec UHS Speed Class 1 are available currently for $137.oo at Amazon by clicking here.

I recommend at least one of these high-speed memory cards in your camera, in the active memory slot, for the times when you must take successive shots in short periods of time with the D7000 and are shooting in maximum quality RAW.

Otherwise, after 10 shots, which can happen pretty quickly, you might gotta wait for the camera to let you shoot shot number 11 and beyond, often missing that key shot in the process.

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