Angelina Jolie Young

Take care in your photography, you may be photographing the soon to be rich and famous

Every photograph taken is important and many last much longer than anyone ever imagines.

Seeing is believing.

Just take in an eyeful of these youthful photographs of today’s rich and famous as children and teens.

How many of these kids do you recognize?



Are you considering, as you scan each photo, had you been the photographer, how proud would you be proud of having your name associated with the image?

Some more than others, yes?

If you had been the model, is this a photo you are proud to have running through the internet?  Or is it one of those shots you are using your agents to quietly buy up?

Good luck, these photos are now viral …

Remember these youthful photos of the rich and famous the next time you are preparing to engage in photography.

Starpulse reported an auction of Hollywood vintage glamour photos held in April, 2010 generated 200 plus hits per second, overwhelming and repeatedly crashing the auction house’s website.

What generated all this buzz?

Individual photographs of Angelina Jolie as a 15 year-old teen model.   Any of your models have star quality?  Shots of Jolie went hammer down at over $2500 each while some lots of photos sold in excess of $100,000 USD.

So, take care and make your photographs as though they are treasures lasting forever, for they well may …

Enjoy and please share any thoughts or opinions by commenting?



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