Where to make a living in photography in the digital age ??

Do it as a dedicated professional, catering to the segments of the market which value our craft.

Monkeys do evolve, and so must professional photographers.

The niche at the high end of professional photography has been getting harder and harder to reach, in many ways…

Due to the influx of part timers and iPhone and Android photographers, there have been fewer and fewer jobs out there for the true dedicated professionals.

It’s become harder just to gain the experience to arrive as a professional.

It’s been getting harder to approach clients who value photography.

With the evolution of technology, in terms of gear, software, printers, and deluge of images both ho hum and OMG good, it is harder to impossible to achieve that level at which one may rest on ones laurels.

And yet, there is always room at the top.

Some people at the top still value professional photography.

This said, the middle and bottom are and have been gutted.

An influx of people, many of them very talented amateur photographers, many with limited business experience, many faced by a pool full of big, small and very hungry fish, are giving away the farm.

With no farm, the crop of customers has been dying out…

Ever try joining those spam sites for people who desire family photos for $100?

Some are so spamy, once you join and they have your email, try opting out… Good luck.

Why get a wedding for $5,000 when you can get one for $500 from cousin Bob?

Why pay $2,000 for a boudoir shoot, when Aunt Jen will shoot it for $300?

Why pay anything at all, when you can Continue reading Where to make a living in photography in the digital age ??

Panoramas for Google Maps

Been busy getting precertified for taking panos for use in Google Maps…

Pretty tricky stuff, lots of it under NDA… So I cannot tell you how I do it…

It is pretty cool thou…

Here is a pano tour I did for a local business:

View Larger Map

To use it, just click and drag around each pano frame… or use the navigation chevrons to move from pano to pano.

What’s not to love, right?

As you can see, the tours are fully imbeddable into ones site.

The shots were taken using a Canon EOS 20D 8.2MP Digital SLR, of all things…


How to set rates between models and photographers, who’s paying who?

There are many articles out there on how to set rates and charge for photography and modeling services.

This article is geared toward the freelancers among us, and primarily to portfolio work.

Rates vary widely, from a few dollars per hour to hundreds of dollars per hour.

Rates vary by market location, market type, and the look of models and the style and talent of photographers available in the given market.

And if the work is paid work, i.e. for a catalog, or bill board, etc.,  there is an advertiser with pockets and everyone is getting paid somewhere somehow.

The long and short of it is, Continue reading How to set rates between models and photographers, who’s paying who?

Stock Photography – Using it, making money with it

Well, we all hear how it’s hard making money in stock photography due to the microstock photography dropping ASP’s (Average Selling Prices) for licenses and the plethora of images now available for stock download today.

Still, I have just attended a seminar, hosted by SmugMug, that talked about people making money in stock (mircostock) photography today.

Shutterstock is one of the largest microstock agencies and has recently floated an IPO October 11, 2012 on the NYSE, symbol:  SSTK.

They have a cool keyword search tool for looking for stock images:


Shutterstock Stock Photo Keyword Search:Search Terms:



For example, one may use the search bar above from Shutterstock to search for any kind of keyworded images. You’ll probably find a lot.

The example I used was “women in nature”.

This returned Continue reading Stock Photography – Using it, making money with it

What’s the key to business success in photography?

Success in photography requires more than just a great eye, or the right gear, it requires… are you ready?

Success in a photography business requires the M word… Marketing…

And, marketing requires a kind of vision.  A vision which can be and is communicated effectively to the right prospects.

Silvio Rone, a photographic mentor of mine recommended the following book to me…

I found the author’s TED talk, and was duly inspired.

If you prefer reading, the book is Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action” explores how certain innovators, leaders and businesses address and communicate the answers to Continue reading What’s the key to business success in photography?

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Anyone else use any link/list/referral services? Any pros or cons for those you use? Please advise by commenting.