What’s the key to business success in photography?

Success in photography requires more than just a great eye, or the right gear, it requires… are you ready?

Success in a photography business requires the M word… Marketing…

And, marketing requires a kind of vision.  A vision which can be and is communicated effectively to the right prospects.

Silvio Rone, a photographic mentor of mine recommended the following book to me…

I found the author’s TED talk, and was duly inspired.

If you prefer reading, the book is Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action” explores how certain innovators, leaders and businesses address and communicate the answers to the business marketing and execution questions of What and How from an opposite direction of starting from Why, and working toward How and What.

The 19 minute TED Talk video summarizes Simon’s major points.

To paraphrase for my photography, I could say,

  • I take really cool glamour portraits, that make you look the best you have looked, and I do that by getting you all comfortable and then everyone is pleased… Will you like to hire me?
  • Or, I am passionate about beauty and glamour.  In my portraits, I capture an aspect of your beauty, which your lover sees, as you gaze lovingly into each others’ eyes.  When we have accomplished this, I feel my work is well done, and my spirits soar.  Will you like to engage in this activity with me?

Which is more likely to inspire?

In my case, the second phasing is nearer and dearer to my heart, and one I have just been honing.  Those clients attracted to and resonating with the message conveyed by my passion will hopefully be inspired to move forward with a commission.

Everyone wins.  Yay!

Now it’s on to getting the word out…

If you’ll like to order “Start with Why,” it’s available from Amazon by clicking here.

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