Sorayama, erotic art, glamour

“Sorayama Masterworks” by Hajime Sorayama – Book Review

Sorayama, erotic art, glamour

Sorayama Masterworks” by fine artist Hajime Sorayama is a showcase work of extraordinary erotic art.

© 2010, this is a 448 page tomb.

Full of images, which depict the horrific, in an erotic detail and joy … which keep the viewer engaged.

Clearly, Sorayama  is a prodigious and prolific talent.

The Smithsonian and MOMA both are homes to permanent collections of his work …

The imagination, skill and sheer volume his of work boggle the mind.

His images mix pleasure with pain.  He morphs what would normally be considered repulsive into an attraction based on the beauty of his subjects, and on their expressions, of joy, abandon, wanton bliss, in seemingly discordant, but clearly concordant contexts.

Feminine Nude, Erotic Art, Metal EroticThe juxtapositions are fascinating to observe and to feel.

A real exercise in suspension of judgement …

If you believe all events are neutral, “Sorayama Masterworks” may challenge your belief.

Zebra Stripe, erotic GlamouThe works are brilliant, highly erotic and explicit.  Fetish of many conceivable and inconceivable genres are portrayed, including BDSM, flesh with metal, pain and pleasure intermingled.

Repulsion with attraction.

Dripping Nude, Fine Art Nude, Soroyama Nude BlondeYin with Yang.

Born in 1947 and having drawn his first feminine robot in the late 70’s, perhaps you know Sorayama’s work from Star Trek?

Soroyama Robot, Soroyama Masterworks, Rear Cover Art, Surfing Robot, robot surfer, nude robot surfer

His design of the Borg Queen, played by actress Alice Krige, was clearly a thing of beauty and horror both.

Or, if you are a reader of Playboy or Penthouse magazines, you have seen his art represented there in.

9.5 x 7.5 x 1.5 inches, “Sorayama Masterworks” is a work mainly of images which play on your feelings.  He makes the seemingly horrific fascinatingly beautiful and engaging.

The style is a highly detailed photo-realistic air brush look,  like an Olivia or Vargas in texture… only much more fetish/erotic/explicit.

The images are fantastic, and I recommend the art, if your tastes will allow testing your sensibilities, for certainly these do and will.

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