SofaSo Sexy, front cover, Rankin

‘SofaSoSexy’ – by Photographer Rankin – Book Review

SofaSo Sexy, front cover, RankinSofaSoSexy‘ © 2002 by Rankin is a clean swing and a walk

For a photographer of Rankin’s standing, he gets a walk … for most of the rest of us, we all would have been called out.

It seems Rankin took what look like amateurish GWC (Guy With Camera) snap shots of naked girls on a brown toned leather/leatherette sofa.

It being Rankin, who is a very capable photographer, “SofaSoSexy” is a sold out and pricey book.  $50-$200 used on Amazon.

For anyone else taking these kinds of photos, we would have had a hard time getting anyone to take notice of these shots, versus any other shots of naked young girls.

SofaSoSexy, rear cover, ring light, ring catch lightRankin is a world-class photographer.  We have reviewed several of his books here and do recommend some highly.

Full page shot of nipple ... Note the Nipple Hair. Yup, it's nipple hair.

SofaSoSexy” is a tiny book with few words.  The words on the inside back cover, “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated” are nearly half the words in the book.

And, yes, I do kind of feel cheated.

This is a small book.

8 x 6.5 x 0.5 inches and 128 pages, mostly of GWC class photos, mostly two page spreads, some one page and a few multishot per page spreads.  Couple of blank pages… it’s okay, really.  Half the book could have been blank …  White space might have helped.

Ever Get the Feeling you've been cheated, Rankin, SofaSoSexy, inside rear cover
"Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?" - YES !!

The pictures are seemingly unedited, flat lit, and even unmade up and uncoifed.

Much of the light has the character of ring flash.  Some looks like other forms of near axisRankin, SofaSoSexy flash.  Nothing brilliant here on the lighting …

There are hair on nipples, ‘yick’ and so on…

The title itself wraps around from the back cover, where it starts with “SofaS”… with an “o” on the spine, and “Sexy” on the front cover.

Cute!  Still little help.

“AndSoOn” could have been a name for this book.

What is nice about “SofaSoSexy” is that not all Rankin’s photographic themes seem to turn out.

Not that I begrudge him, just that it gives me hope for my failed themes when even the best of photographers can have a “SofaSoSexy” in their portfolios.

SofaSoSexy” might be a great book for a GWC to have… It could be shown to prospective nude models…. As in, “See, Rankin’s a famous published photographer who works with Heidi Klum and my photos look like his photos…”   This would be true, in the case of this one book.

Let me not put you off Rankin.  I do like several of his books.  ‘Visually Hungry‘ and ‘Painting Pretty Pictures‘ being my two most favorite so far.

As for “SofaSoSexy,” beyond GWC’s I find it very difficult to recommend to anyone.  Buy a different book!

Not dissuaded from “SofaSoSexy” still?

Well then, “SofaSoSexy” is available for purchase new or used on Amazon by clicking here.



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