Heidilicious, Rankin's, Heidi Klum, Implied Nude, Front Cover

Rankin’s ‘Heidilicious’ foreword by Husband Seal – Book Review

Heidilicious, Rankin's, Heidi Klum, Implied Nude, Front CoverHeidilicious‘ © 2009 remains true to Rankin’s editorial fashion photographic style.

At 14″ x 11″ x 1″, hardcover, 144 pages and weighing over 4 pounds, ‘Heidilicious‘ is overwhelmingly a book of photos of Heidi Klum.

There is a 5 paragraph foreword by husband Seal, in five languages…

And, a thirty question interview of Heidi by Rankin, again translated into five languages…

Here Heidi laughs explaining Seal’s feelings with regards to her posing nude,

“He doesn’t mind a good sexy shot.”

Heidi Klum SexyShe also shares that if she were not a model, she would be … guess yet??   That’s right ‘Project Runway’ fans, a fashion designer.

Cool enough.

Couple pages of makeup credits and thank yous at the book’s end, and the whole middle is filled with photos of Heidi… except for that two page spread shot of a Blonde Ambition Barbie Doll as Heidi.

There are photos of Heidi dressed and often undressed.   Sucking lollypops, covered in chocolate, with hair teased, down, back, up, you name it.

The nudes tend to be sexy though impliedish, with a bit of nip slip here and there.  Kind of in keeping with the tenor set by the front cover photo.

Heidi Klum FaceIf you are a Heidi or Rankin fan, maybe you gotta have this book.

Most of Rankin’s shots of Heidi are high key studio with white back drops, with the occasional  low key and location shots thrown in.

While I found photos to like and inspire, personally my taste in photography lie largely elsewhere from Rankin’s style here.

Tastes are personal.

Rankin does have his followers and obviously is a talented and successful photographer.

His books tend to be highly regarded, often retaining resale value as collectibles by his legion of fans.

Heidi too has her fans, probably more fans than Rankin…

Heidi Klum, Implied Nude, High KeyIf you are one of these fans, you may wish to buy while the book is still available new at a discount on Amazon.

To buy ‘Heidilicious‘ or to preview additional photos available at Amazon, click here.


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  1. Melissa – Thanks Heidi! Let me be the first to let you know that I so enjoy you taking Elijah’s pics. Your plsaessionfriom and natural talent is impeccable! Wishing great success in what you love to do.

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