Alain Aslan, Early 80's Nude, From Oui Magazine, young Blonde Nude, French Pinup

“Pin-up” by Alain Aslan – Book Review

Aslan, Alain Aslan, Pin-up, Front Cover, AsPam, AsPan, As Lan, As Pan, As Pam, As Lam, Brown Hair, Long Brown Hair, Seated Nude, Grass, High Key
Alain Aslan's 'Pin-up'

Pin-up” © 2010 is a compilation of earlier pinup art, with airbrush feel, by French artist Alain Aslan.

Though of very very few words, what words there are in “Pin-up” are written in French.

Unless you speak French, you’ll have to content yourself with the paintings.  Easily done.

Lucky for us, this is primarily a book of many many excellent examples of Aslan’s pin up paintings.

Born 1930 in Bordeaux, France, Aslan is sculptor, painter and most importantly for me, a pinup artist.

His color pin-ups are much in the style, medium and material wise, as those of Olivia De Berardinis and Alberto Vargas.

In the 70’s and 80’s, Olivia’s and Vargas’ works were often there to inspire and influence me in books, poster and magazines like Playboy.

Alain Aslan, Aslan, Pinup, Rear Cover, Pin-up, Nude bust up brunette, French female nude pinup artAlain’s works were much harder to find…

His first image came to my attention with this tear sheet example here, which I have kept to this day, of an early 80’s page from of Oui magazine.

Alain Aslan, Early 80's Nude, From Oui Magazine, young Blonde Nude, French Pinup
Aslan's signature is a bit hard to make out on this Oui Magazine Tear Sheet

Alsan’s pin-up art thus helped fuel my interest in this genre and now is a look I create using digital cameras and model.

Click here to see a sample of my current photographic pinup look.

Do you recognize any influences?

Until quite recently, I was unable to find more of Aslan’s work.

As you may know, Oui is out of publication and has been for some time.  In Oui‘s hay days in the early 80’s, stars like Demi Moore graced its pages…  Alas, no more.

Today we have internet… Yay !!

Part of the challenge finding Alsan’s work is in his signature …

His signature looks like AsLam, or AsPam, etc … It’s Aslan.

I found him by doing a scan and search using Google’s image search for photos similar to the sample I had kept all these years.

Alain Aslan, Pin-up, Nude Brunette Female, French Art Nude Pin-up
The Aslan Style, Confident Sexuality, Photo Realistic with Perfect Smooth Skin, Joyously Exuberant Expressions

And, I found he has a few books out in print including, “Pin-up.”

These are French language books.  Not to worry.  They are primarily art books for the eyes.

Pin-up” is the size of a magazine, with a soft cover and 128 pages, by far the most of these containing full page sized art samples of Aslan’s nude pinups.

Aslan is fairly well known in France, where he has sculpted the beautiful famous women of his country, Mireille Mathieu, Bridget Bardot, Catherine Deneuve and others.

After 30 years, I have found “Pin-up,” which includes the image closeted from Oui all those years ago and many many other samples of Aslan’s pin-up images.

The work in “Pin-up” are often depictions of blemish free youthful sexually mature women, in a photo realistic form of art.

Alain’s subjects, though pose and expression, appear to be very much awake, aware, at ease with and peacefully content with their sexualities.

By contrast, American pin-up is often more demure.

When looking at American Pinup, the viewer is kind of a Peeping Tom, catching a fleeting moment of a woman being sexy, yet acting as if this is somehow accidental.

Alain’s pinup, though similar in many ways to Vargas’ and Olivia’s, has an overtly self-satisfied and aware quality generally missing from classica American pinup.

When viewing Alsan’s pinup, there is a much more deliberate and knowing look.  Are you man enough to look back and appreciate a woman overtly confident in her sexuality?

Is this perhaps the French woman’s perspective playing out in art?

I am reminded by this of a quote from Debra Ollivier writings in Huffington Post,  ‘Why French Women Have More Sex Than Their American Sisters’, the first part of which she attributes to Michele Fitoussi, former editor of French Elle,

“French women have a keen sense of the brevity of time and immediacy of pleasure.”

Debra follows,

“We Americans seem to have a keen sense of the immediacy of the future and the brevity of pleasure.”

Viva la difference.

If you like pinup in the visual style of Olivia or Vargas, and are self-confident enough to appreciate sexually confident women, I highly recommend a perusal of Aslan’s works.

Written in French, “Pin-up” can often be found on Amazon, new or used, by clicking here.


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