Alain Aslan, Catherine Deneuve, Decoletage, Red Cap, Pin-up art

“Pin up 2; Couleurs et mines de plomb” by Alain Aslan – Book Review

Pin-up 2, coulours et mines de plomb, Alain Aslan, Nude fine art Pin-up, book, front coverPin-up 2; Couleurs et mines de plomb” © 2011 is a compilation of earlier pinup art, with airbrush feel, by French artist Alain Aslan.

Pin-up2” is largely a book of paintings, as such its language is primarily the universally recognized langauge of images.  Like “Pin-up,” also by Aslan, “Pin-up2” has very few words,… those few words being writ in French.

Aslan’s style is often a photo-realistic one of color pin-ups very much like those of Olivia De Berardinis and Alberto Vargas.

Pin-up” and  “Pin-up2”  together form a nice representation of Alain’s works which have, until these volumes became available recently, been very difficult to come by in the USA.

Alain Aslan, Catherine Deneuve, Decoletage, Red Cap, Pin-up art
Catherine Deneuve by Alain Aslan

Alsan’s pin-up art in Oui Magazine, along with the works of Olivia and Vargas, has been an influence on my current painterly style of pin-up work.

  • Click here to see a sample of my current photographic painterly pin-up look

You may have seen Alsan’s work without knowing its attribution due to his cryptic signature which looks something like AsLam, or AsPam, etc … It’s Aslan.

Alain Aslan, Nude Young Woman, Hazel Eyes, Open GownThe Aslan style I prefer is one of Confident Sexuality, Photo Realistic with Perfect Smooth Skin, Joyously Exuberant Expressions, and is exemplified by “Pin-up2‘s” cover art.

Pin-up” exemplifies this, my preferred Aslan style, thorough out its contents.

Pin-up2” includes very few examples of this photo realistic style, along with many image examples from several other Aslan styles…

Alain Aslan, Pin-up2, rear cover, panty peak, young blonde, french pin-up artOne of these alternate styles is a charcoal/pencil drawing look.  Obviously not photo realistic, yet often quite pleasing.  There are a fair number of examples of this style.

Another predominant style is an airbrush textured look, with a baby doll faces, with eyes so large and plastic that the illusion of reality is immediately broken.  Not my favorite style and fairly heavily represented in this volume…

Overall, if I had to own just one Aslan book, with my tastes and style, I would choose “Pin-up.”  If I was an Aslan fan, and like to own a variety of art… I might consider “Pin-up2.”

Of course, in art there is taste … No accounting for taste.

IMHO, the work in “Pin-up” is generally of a finer detail and quality, which overall better captures the mature emotions of Aslan’s subjects.    In medium, expression and execution, I prefer and recommend “Pin-up” over “Pin-up2.”

The size of a magazine, “Pin-up2” is soft cover with 128 pages, by far the most of these containing full-page sized art samples of Aslan’s nude artworks.

Written in French, “Pin-up 2; Couleurs et mines de plomb” can often be found on Amazon, new or used, by clicking here.


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