Nude Body Nude, Front Cover, Howard Schatz, Male and Female Figure Study

‘Nude Body Nude’ [Paperback] by Howard Schatz – Book Review

Nude Body Nude, Front Cover, Howard Schatz, Male and Female Figure StudyNude Body Nude” © 2000 [Paperback] by Photographer Howard Schatz, is a photo art book of the human form.

Schatz’s other books include:

Of these other Schatz titles, which have been reviewed, IMHO “H2O” is the one to own.

For lovers of art nudes “Nude Body Nude” is also very much a title to own.

Interestingly, this 10 x 13.5 x 1 inch large paper bound book is without page numbers.  While I know it is an inch thick, I did not go page counting.

Nude Torso and Hands, Figure StudyThere are three pages of text in the foreword by Owen Edwards, along with a couple pages of uncredited untitled plate numbers of the book’s images in the rear of the book.  With a bit of overhead for copyrights and so on, and writing on the dust jackets, there is little else written in this book.

The images are very artistic.

Subjects are a broad range of ethnicities, colorings and include both sexes.

While most subjects have dancer like bodies, there are others whose bodies are more Rubenesque.

As the book is few on words, it requires viewing to be fully appreciated.

Dancer Nude, Figure Study, Nude Body Nude, Rear CoverNude Body Nude” is not a study of bodies in water, or dancers in water as are some of Schatz’s other titles.  There are a few, though a very few, photos of bodies in water.  Those which are included while quite lovely are not thematic for this book.

Nude Gymnast, Nude Gymnastic Split, Nude on Gymnastic BarWe see men and women in gymnastic and dance arrangements and body parts displayed in an approach which is very much artistic, more so than graphically sexual.

There are indeed graphical displays of sexual body parts, in the context of art.

If you are offended by public hair, this is not the book for you.  Having been shot late in the last century, there are indeed often trimmed, though full pubes to be viewed here and there.

This is not however a book of pubes.  Any pubes are included in an overall composition of texture, form and light.  Very pleasingly artistic.   Again, pubes are not thematic for this book

Nude Body Nude” might be a direction Greek sculptural form may have taken if photography had been an available medium.

The human form, in all its glory.  Full of textures, unhidden and freely available for one to behold the often hidden beauty.

Nude Male Profile, Male Figure Study, Muscular Male Figure, Nude Afro American Male DancerHere I cannot go so far as to say unvarnished beauty.

As you can see from the several examples and covers, many of the forms have an oiled sheen to enhance textures.

This wet look seems to work for Schatz.

Nude Female, Nude Chocolate, Nude Strawberry, Nude dripping with ChocolateMost images are full page or so,  some a bit bigger and some a bit smaller.  Some are full two page spreads.  In any event, sandwiched between its covers and with few words, the book is mostly filled with exquisite fine art nude images.

Nude Dancer, Nude Dancer Underwater, Underwater nude with transparent gauze, nude lavender gauzeIf you love the human form as art, and can afford to acquire one of these beauties, I wholly recommend an issue of “Nude Body Nude” for your collection.

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