“H2O” Underwater Photography by Howard Schatz of Glamour Art Nudes in Swimming Pools a Book Review

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"H2O" by Howard Schatz, Underwater Nude Glamour Photography Book Cover

H2O” © 2007 is the third of Howard Schatz’s pool nude book series and is a valued addition to my collection of coffee table glamour photography books.

At over 178 10″ by 14″ pages, this is a book long on photographs and short on words.

Where there are words, these are largely credits for the over 150 models, most of them dancers, whose works are incorporated into the many many etherial images in this lovely book and a bit of bio and back story on Schatz’s other books and commercial credits.

If you have never heard of Howard Schatz, you have probably seen his work.

His commercial credits are legion, and include the likes of clients like: Mercedes-Benz, MGM Grand Hotel, Virgin Records, Sony, Nike, Ralph Lauren, you get the picture?

The publication credits are equally impressive:  Vanity Fair, Time, Vogue, Sports Illustrated, Life, American Photo, and so on.

We should all have such impressive credits…

Well, we should all have such impressive photographs.

Schatz has studied his craft.  He has in his underwater photography taken into consideration issues like pool pH, to keep it balanced with the pH of his model’s eyes, to keep them from tearing.

He has used dancers as models, not only for their grace and line underwater, also for their muscularity which being more dense than fleshy models, helps keep them submerged.

Yeah, that right, the more voluptuous models will tend to bob up and float … go figure.

Schatz’s other books include:

Nude Body Nude, Howard Schatz, Male and Female Nude, Nude Couple, Book Cover, Front Cover, Book Front Cover, Wet Look, Black and White

'Nude Body Nude'

The photos in “H2O” are all of women in water, with the occasional male rounding out a couples photo.  Some are clothed or draped with chiffon like materials.   Many are nude or implied nude.   Some are even body painted.

All are lovely beyond words as only pictures may convey.

The pools scatter, amplify and refract light as only water can.

This interplay with the gracefully muscled forms of Schatz’s dancer models make “H2O” a wholly captivating read … or more properly ‘view’.

While “Water Dance,” Schatz’s fourth photography book and first of his pool series, was ground breaking on many levels, Howard seems to have learned a great deal about pool photography in the intervening 11 years between these books.

Every image in “H2O” is superb.

In underwater pool nude genre, when choosing between these two books, if you are the aficionado looking for the very best images, “H2O” is the must own title.

H2O” currently runs about $45 new or $11 preowned.

You may buy or peruse one by clicking here.

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  1. How do I become an underwater nude model? Are there agencies that specialize or better known instructors that teach this type of modeling?

    • Hi Deanna,

      Pertinent to the question you ask are:

      a> your current level of modeling experience?

      b> your current diving/underwater swimming experience?

      c> roughtly where in the world you reside (major city)?