Fashion Photography, Patrick Demarchelier, Book, Front Cover, Paulina Porizkova

‘Fashion Photography: Patrick Demarchelier (American Photography master series)’ – by Kathryn E. Livingston – Book Review

Fashion Photography, Patrick Demarchelier, Book, Front Cover, Paulina PorizkovaFashion Photography: Patrick Demarchelier (American Photography master series)‘ – by Kathryn E. Livingston is another excellent book featuring the photographs of world famous fashion photographer Partick Demarchelier.

The © is 1989.  This dates the photos, the technology and the editorial comments.

Henry Horenstein is credited as Editor.  Additionally, there is a two page Introduction by Sean Callahan, Editor of American Photographer.

Unlike ‘Patrick Demarchelier: Photographs,’ which is largely a collection of some of Demarchelier’s finest images, ”Fashion Photography: Patrick Demarchelier” is more about Demarchelier the man.

Click here for review of ‘Patrick Demarchelier: Photographs.’

Diane Keaton, Portrait, Patrick Demarchelier While ‘Patrick Demarchelier: Photographs‘  was all but devoid of words and the photos did the communicating,  “Fashion Photography: Patrick Demarchelier’s” content is over half written words.

The word smithing of the editors, the introductions, and the authorship of Kathryn Livingston are central to and very much integral part of ‘Fashion Photography: Patrick Demarchelier,’ as much so as the images making up the remaining half or so pages.

Diane Keaton above, IMHO is quite excellent … the best portrait I’ve ever seen of her.

Fashion Photography, Patrick Demarchelier, Rear CoverFashion Photography: Patrick Demarchelier‘ shares with us how Demarchelier, born, 1943 got his start in photography in the little sea-side town of Le Havre, France using a Kodak camera, gifted to him by his stepfather on his 17th birthday.

We read about Demarchelier’s commitment to a form which was simpler than, cleaner than, less ugly than and thus more elegant than the excesses in fashion photography occurring at the times.

This clarity of vision, and failure to follow the excesses of the crowd, allowed Patrick to move from Paris to New York, with practically no English-speaking ability, and to succeed in the New York fashion scene quite quickly by virtue of his Parisian portfolio and the excellence of the work he delivered to his initial New York clientele.

There is an editorial piece written by Livingston of a shoot at Partick’s New York studios of Paulina Porizkova, the Czechoslovakian born super model who also graces the books front cover.

Patrick Demarchelier Art NudeIn this editorial piece, we are given insight into details of the shooting, the scheduling, set, grips, lighting and gear of Demarchelier.

For example, Patrick is said to prefer a Mamiya RZ 67 ( 6 x 7 inch ) camera for covers…  That he shoots models for British Vogue on a plain white paper backgrounds and …

“alters the light for each model depending on the structure of her face.

‘Every face is different, and requires a unique quality or direction of light.’ “

We also learn that he will shoot 35mm Nikon’s with lenses ranging from 45mm to 300mm.

Hmmm, …  to me, as a photographer, this is very interesting …

Patrick shot 35mm SLRs at near normal to very telephoto.  For DX sensored Nikon DSLR today, this corresponds to a focal length range of 30mm to 200mm …

Fashion Photography: Patrick Demarchelier” is available in Paperback for little as $0.01 plus shipping to about $50.00.

Hardcover versions runs about $10.00 to over $100.00 depending on condition.

Except for the writing on the dust cover of the Hardcover being on the back jacket of the Paperback and of course for the obvious differences in cover, there is little additional difference between hard and soft covered versions.

Both versions are about 10 x 9.5 x 0.5 inches and 134 pages.

If you like studying the life and times of one of today’s most accomplished fashion photographers, with the study going into the late 1980’s, “Fashion Photography: Patrick Demarchelier” is an excellent read.

It is not a how to book.   Though insights into fashion photography careers and photography of people can certainly be had by reading the book and studying the images.

Kim Basinger,  Portrait, Patrick DemarchelierThe images themselves are excellent, though the images in ‘Patrick Demarchelier: Photographs‘ are as a whole, and in my opinion, are a slightly higher overall quality.

A hand full of the images in ‘Fashion Photography: Patrick Demarchelier‘ are also repeats of images in ‘Patrick Demarchelier: Photographs.’   For example the Demarchelier family portrait of Patrick, with his three sons and wife Mia grace both books, with the smaller printed version being in the ‘Fashion Photography’ book.

To find a new or used copy of “Fashion Photography: Patrick Demarchelier” on Amazon, in Hardcover click here, in Paperback click here.

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