Red Body Painted nude woman's posterior, 'Culo' by Raphael Mazzucco

‘Culo’ by Raphael Mazzucco – A book review

Red Body Painted nude woman's posterior, 'Culo' by Raphael Mazzucco
'Culo' Front Cover, Red Body Paint

Culo‘ ©  2011 by photographer Raphael Mazzucco, paraphrasing is a tribute to “derriere, tush, rear end, booty, or just plain culo.”

Photo books are the easiest to review.  You open, you look, you flip.  There are like almost no pages with words.  ‘Culo‘ is like child hood for adults.  The photos are good.  Fine quality art photos of beautiful women’s posteriors, 248 pages pretty much cover to cover.

Culo‘ is not a how-to book.  It is very much a large coffee table book of images of beautiful women’s tushes.

Mazzucco feels that female posterior, and particularly posteriors with a bit of curve or junk in the truck are “the new epicenter of female sexuality, desire and empowerment.”

Who is Raphael?  He is a seasoned fashion photographer originally from Vancouver B.C. who resides in New York and has an eye for what’s behind a beautiful curvy woman.

Woman on a tree, nude, posterior, anterior, rear, winter, snow, 'Culo' by Raphael MazzuccoNow when I say junk in the trunk and curvy, you think along the sensuous alluring curves along the lines of a J. Lo or a Beyoncé and lovely models with similarly swervy behinds.

Culo‘ is a hardcover 10″ x 14″ x 1.25 ” masterpiece of beautifully curvy bottoms of lovely lady swerves filmed around the world in a fine art style sure to please any warm-blooded lover of fine art photos of this rear words focused subject.

It’s hard to describe the pieces other than by saying they are of fine quality.

Mazzucco has complied his images with top beauties on location all the world over.

Many images are two page spreads, something like half the book.

Naked butt, with sand grains, long hair, nude female, fine art nude, 'Culo' by Raphael MazzuccoCare seems to have generally been taken in the two page spreads not to put the page crease on subject areas which break up the photo’s natural flows.

Perhaps a quarter or third total of ‘Culo‘ is devoted to some full-page images and some montage pages of images.

Images are superb.

head down, ass up, nude, female, digital fine art nudeCulo‘ comes new wrapped in plastic inside a printed manila weight hard paper protective sleeve.

I whole heartedly recommend ‘Culo‘ to any lover of the women as subject, if you are not somehow a committed follower of some other singular body part.

This is not to say this is about body parts.  It is about textures, colors, processed and unprocessed fine art images… where each image is tied to the others by this one singular backward facing link.

Culo‘ is currently available new or used on Amazon  for about $40 new or used.

Click here  to get your copy of ‘Culo‘  today.


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